When the tinted glass of the car is the reason for the fine

Когда тонированное стекло автомобиля является основанием для штрафа

Traffic ban items or coatings which prevent the passage of light through the car window.

In accordance with clause 31.4.7 SDA the operation of the vehicle when applying the glass coating, which limits the view of the driver and impairs the transparency of glass is prohibited.

The issue of tinted glasses on cars is always a matter of heated debate among motorists who are trying to find the answer to the question: how to combine the interior comfort requirements of the SDA.

At the same time, the Rules provide certain exceptions, and it allowed toning with light transmission to the windshield of at least 75% and not below 70%. Mirror tinting is prohibited in any case.

However, the imposition of fines to determine the percentage of light transmission, the police should not “by eye”, and a special device (Tumer).

The code of administrative offences of Ukraine (Cao) to part 1 of article 121 prescribes punishment in the form of a fine, the amount of which varies from 20 to 25 mtfi (non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens) for driving with the “other technical difficulties”. To date, the amount of the fine will be from 340 UAH to 425 UAH.