When the trio in 2020. Holiday traditions, how much we rest

Sunday, June 7, Orthodox Ukrainians will celebrate the Holy Trinity – one of 12 major Christian holidays. This national holiday. Since it falls on a Sunday, the hours will be Monday 8 June. On 6 June is the day of universal commemoration of the dead, the memory of Saint Nicholas, when I visit the cemetery.

History and spiritual meaning of the holiday

At Trinity, Orthodox Christians recall the events that occurred on the 50th day after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The apostles gathered together in the Zion upper room in Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish feast of Pentecost (dedicated to the Holy Moses, 10 commandments of God on mount Sinai).

At this moment came down from heaven the Holy Spirit granted the apostles the blessing that allowed them to become prophets, to heal by prayer and to carry God’s Word in different languages.

The event highlighted the Trinity of God, which later became the main Christian dogma about the Triune God – the father, the Son and the Holy spirit.

“Trinity” of icon painter Andrei Rublev is considered to be the canonical image of the triune God

Holiday traditions

The Trinity in the Orthodox churches held a solemn service. The interior space of the Church are decorated with green branches, grass, flowers. In this house also decorated with greenery. Because of this tradition the Trinity is called “the green holidays”.

It was thought that young would be happy if the groom ask for the Trinity, and the wedding will play at the Intercession (October 14). National prohibition prescribes to postpone homework that day, not sewing, not to get a haircut.

At Trinity, there is no post, so you can eat all the foods. This day is often a rest on the nature, go to visit.

As we rest on the Trinity

Trinity is a public holiday which falls on a Sunday, so a day off will be Monday, June 8. The employer decides on the transfer of working days on the basis of the order.