When the wife is disgusted: male and female look

Когда жена вызывает отвращение: мужской и женский взгляд

This detail is relentless and piercing as the whistle of the whip in the air. Our second half is our reflection in the mirror of life. And the more we lived with them, the more we like each other. When the reflection becomes disgusting – it does not mean that the mirror was dusty. It is possible that something is wrong with the face.

Wife gained pounds in recent years? Instead of the hall prefers beer? Most likely, the husband hamster fried dumplings with frightening speed. The house is always a men’s food, from which it is impossible to get rid of, alcohol and other harm. Maybe this wife would be a cute embrace of a young fitness trainer?!

Husband can’t earn? Most of all, that the wife does nothing, and only sawing off the branch on which it sits. No how to relax does not give, nor the right connections to maintain because it does not work. She, too, is not going anywhere, cool not looking for work. Only and repeats: “When there is money, when, when?!!” that was all her help.

Wife sissified and dulled in the decree? Most likely, the hubby is not particularly intelligent, and under intelligent conversations means rest from the kids screaming at the mistress. And care wife long forgotten. Worn by friends and acquaintances, if only not to sit at home, and he there – to make a claim.

In a word, the husband and wife – is a system of communicating vessels. And the problems they have always shared or connected. People intuitively feel it, and the more don’t like yourself, the more you try to change a spouse – because it’s easier. In fact, to act on the system and on the other hand – try to start with yourself. The husband or the wife is a different planet. Our power there is only indirect – as power over the reflection in the mirror.

Notice that in the society of fitnas people catch up, begin to follow the diet. And in a society of fat people, on the contrary relax? Next to successful often successful friends, and next to losers – losers? The only way to break the chain of mutual reflection is to change yourself.

No need to be afraid that then from a loved one will have to leave because of a difference of interests – the person next definitely will not remain the same. A couple of weeks or months, perseverance and reflection will begin to delight. It will be a new beautiful features, which was lacking.

Another thing is that this is the hellish work in the world – start with yourself.

Much easier to say to someone: “My wife got fat! How to lose weight? I don’t have to tumble in bed with a Hippo!” Or: “My husband crazy – penny in the house brings!”