When Ukraine could lose its statehood – 24 Channel

Коли Україна може втратити державність - 24 Канал

Ukraine may lose not only the Black and Azov sea from Russian aggression, but its statehood, if the Verkhovna Rada will be dominated by politicians with Pro-Russian views.

This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka in an interview with “Apostrophe”.

According to him, it is logical that many experts have expressed concerns that after the implementation of the Russian scenario to capture the Azov sea, there will be a danger to the Black sea.

In particular, according to officials, Ukraine could lose both the sea.

We have any risk of losing the state, not just control over two or three ports. We have a real threat of losing the statehood, and also not necessarily by military means. Enough Rabinovich and Murano, Boyko and the rest of this fifth column to hold the majority in the Parliament – and the skiff, Ukraine, but there is “little Russia governorate”,
stressed Fat.

Earlier, Georgy Tuka said that Ukraine is considering different scenarios unlock the Azov sea, including the use of force. In addition, to resolve the situation in the sea, the country will need assistance from international partners.

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