When will the cure for all diseases: forecast genetikov – 24 Channel

Коли з’являться ліки від усіх хвороб: прогноз генетиків - 24 Канал

According to geneticists, in the near future medicine will be able to work miracles, prolonging the life of people.

This was stated by scientists from the Institute of Genome Project, reports Ukrhealth.

Geneticists will need another 10 years to perfect the human cells that can become resistant to the virus, mutations, aging, and the negative impact of external factors.

Now scientists can create bacteria, which can not affect the viruses. And to create one such bacteria need a lot of efforts need to reprogram its genome. You need to change about 300 proteins and then this bacteria will become resistant to viruses and infections


To change the human genome, it is necessary to do a great job, making it hundreds of thousands of adjustments. Genetics are convinced that this will be possible in the next ten years. If genetics can make changes in human cells – it will help to defeat many diseases, particularly cancer.

Another important advantage of such a programming of cells – this will allow you to stop the aging process and significantly reduce the harmful effects of external factors, in particular, cold, radiation, and various toxins.

Researchers are convinced – that editing of the genes is hidden the secret of the survival of humanity.


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