When will the game Elden Ring: there was a release date

About the mysterious Elden Ring from the authors Sekiro and Dark Souls is little known: the game scenario was written with the participation of George Martin, and the gameplay will be built on the basis of the combat system of Dark Souls, and the mechanics of the prosthesis from the Shadows Die Twice.

A division of IGN Middle East was announced that the game will be shown next month at the ceremony, The Game Awards 2019.

Possible release

The publication claims that the release of the game will take place in early 2020, about the same period, in which the release Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice this year. If the information is correct, this will be a big surprise, because recently it seemed that Elden Ring is an important project that is in its early stages of development and will be released very soon. However, not long ago, the online Target store accidentally leaked a potential release date of the game – June 30, 2020.

What is known about the game

According to rumors, The Elden Ring – new action-RPG from a third person with increased complexity, characteristic for all the previous games the Japanese developers. Promise a lot of weapons, magic, gadgets, and combo skills. Also expected boss battles unprecedentedly high level, and therefore this component will become even more difficult than usual, although for many players and existing projects seem almost insurmountable.


The source revealed some details of the gameplay, which coincides with the fact that the game told earlier. We are talking about the fact that it is still unclear mechanics “burning” – enemies can be burned, exposing the burns on his own hands. If they are heated to a certain degree, the enemies can not to cut. To restore limb will be the fires of the altars, this FromSoftware itself does not change.

Confirmation of the “leak” can be easily obtained by looking at the teaser trailer. It is clearly monitored by this motive.

Watch the teaser trailer Elden Ring from FromSoftware:

Truthful information – finally we will know in a few weeks. Elden Ring will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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