When “working” the inhabitant of Melitopol lost 7 thousand hryvnias

При "устройстве на работу" жительница Мелитополя потеряла 7 тысяч гривен

Fraudsters came up with a clever scheme to lure the young mother’s money. Unfortunately, the woman povergla in a bunch of lies and got caught in a trap.

28 February on the website OLKH the inhabitant of Melitopol found an ad for employment. She likes the vacancy of a sales assistant in a toy shop “Kinder”.

By calling this number she Unal that she needed to report their data and the child, which she did. After, she was offered a benefits package, which forwarded to another phone number.

Unknown woman posing as an employee of Zaporizhzhya Department of social protection, was asked to inform her of the size of the child allowance that gets the young mother.

After that, she announced that the state underpaid 39 thousand, but to get them, it is necessary to list the VAT in the amount of 7 thousand hryvnias.

Believing the con artist, the girl transferred the money from my card to the account. She promised that 39 thousand, she will receive on March 2.

Not waiting for money, the woman began to call certain numbers, but they didn’t answer. Disappeared and the ad from the site.

The victim did not remain anything else how to contact the police. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated under article 190 UK of Ukraine (fraud). At present militiamen establish who owns the Bank account into which the money was transferred.