When you book tickets to Mars, Musk told the details

Когда можно будет заказать билеты на Марс: Маск рассказал детали

For anybody not a secret that the engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk is very active on Twitter. This time one of his followers asked when you can buy a ticket to Mars and almost immediately received a response from the head of SpaceX.

Elon Musk posted a tweet in which he said about the acceleration of the development of an interplanetary ship Starship.

When you can buy a ticket to Mars? The question of when it will be possible to book a place, he replied: “After the spaceship will return from orbit”.

Earlier, the founder of SpaceX said that “starship” there’s a 60% chance to go into orbit by 2020. A cargo mission to Mars is scheduled for 2022, and sent to the Red planet, the first crew will be expected in 2024.

The cost of the ticket. It is expected that the cost of interplanetary travel will cost the first passengers in the amount of about half a million dollars, and in the case of setting the route on the flow can be reduced to $ 100,000.

Когда можно будет заказать билеты на Марс: Маск рассказал детали

Might look like a ticket to Mars

Earlier spaceship Starship worth several billion dollars passed the pre-test, during which the company’s engineers tested the structure’s resistance to high temperatures.

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