When you give birth to a firstborn Regina todorenko: well-known gender and date of birth – media – 24 Channel

Коли народить первістка Регіна Тодоренко: відома стать і дата пологів, – ЗМІ - 24 Канал

Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko, which has engaged with the Russian singer Vlad Topalov and works in Russia is in her last month of pregnancy. After the last ceremony of awarding the prize “Couple of the year” by the Russian edition of “OK!” became known the likely date of the birth of their first child.

28-year-old TV presenter in July started to publish photos with a rounded belly, and later admitted that he is expecting a child. After a few days, her lover Vlad Topalov made an offer on the boat within the waters of the Mediterranean sea and since then the pair have participated in one social event.

At the last ceremony, awards, happy Regina is with great rounded belly was posing on the red carpet in the company of Topalov. In the publication StarHit.ru report that Topalov has declassified the sex of the baby is a boy. And she Regina during the ceremony, admitted that will give birth very soon – in just a week.

For this, the Russian media have speculated that the “day X” will come on November 15-17. Perhaps it is through this pregnant Regina todorenko decided not to delay perepolirovka party and a few days ago staged a fabulous baby shower in the company of best friends.

Recall that for the first time about the probable date of birth and gender of a child was reported by the Russian edition Super. Insiders, the media reported that it will be a boy and the birth will take place in December this year.

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