“Where are the nerds” – Malyshev can fly with “First” for the humiliating show about sick kids

«Откуда берутся кретины» - Малышева может вылететь с «Первого» за унизительное шоу про больных детей

Past “merits” and the new trick will bring leading Ernst.

Elena Malysheva has long been the leading program “Live healthy!” and during this time she has gained popularity not only as an experienced physician, but also as someone who doesn’t understand how to present information. Previously discussed this episode in which the “Queen” sang it, and many are shocked that this release was shown on TV, and he could see the children. Due to the fact that Malyshev had approved it, a large number of people angry at her, started to ask for the dismissal of such an extraordinary leading from the First channel, but the leadership seems to have considered it acceptable, and do not pay attention to the strange show. However, it went all the way, and now a new series of programmes may be the last in the career of leading.

Broadcast “Live healthy!” Malyshev raised a question that touched on sick children. The hostess began the transfer with the words: “Our first conversation we call strictly and severely. Where are the nerds. Word nerd is the word medical. It is a diagnosis that determines the degree of mental retardation.” This expression Malysheva again made her the object round which scandal inflames. Many parents whose children suffer from this disease, he fought against the presenter, because this term is quite insulting, and can be regarded as an insult.

Many parents have decided any effort to pursue justice. Due to the fact that the head of the First channel receives a lot of complaints Malyshev, it is possible that he will take the necessary action. After the new issue the number of applications will increase obviously, and if Konstantin Ernest will respond adequately to the requests of angry viewers, the presenter can take off from work because of derogatory statements.