Where did Andrei Bogdan or hardware of war in the Office of the President

Куда исчез Андрей Богдан или аппаратные войны в Офисе президента

Since the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky in 2019, his almost permanent companion was the head of the Office of the President (PP) Andrei Bogdan. He is often accompanied by a guarantor at events and as active him something told that it spawned a lot of jokes and even became a meme. But in recent months, the official events and travel Zelensky do without it. Now Zelensky accompanied by his assistant, who oversees foreign policy issues, Andrey Ermak. In the information space there are several versions explaining what happened, but the hardware war of Bohdan and Ermak. Phenomenon in the Ukrainian politics is not new.

A quarrel in the income statement

The lack of Bohdan, accompanied by Zelensky attention once again drew the welcoming ceremony of bodies of victims in accident of the Ukrainian plane in Iran. At the memorial event, which was held January 19 at the airport “Borispol”, was attended by all Ukrainian politicians, but the head of the Office of the President was not there. And, writes “unitary enterprise” with reference to sources in the government team, it happened because of a conflict with Bogdan Andriy Yermak. Allegedly, the head of OPU, coordinating the details of the ceremonies, posted a freelance adviser Zelensky in the second row, where, according to diplomatic Protocol, he was supposed to be. But Ermak, who worked directly on the resolution of the situation that occurred in Iran, and put a lot of effort to ensure that the bodies of the victims returned to Ukraine, arguing that Bogdan unjust. And said about this President, and that his side was supported. As a result, to participate in the ceremony refused Bogdan. And, as tell sources of publication, such conflicts between Bogdan and Ermak happen all the time.

Information to the media about their constant conflict Delo.ua said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko, referring to its sources. However, according to experts, this phenomenon is a classic confrontation between a hardware characteristic of Ukrainian politics. And it happened during the cadenzas of all the presidents of Ukraine. During the tenure of Leonid Kuchma “fought” at that time the head of presidential Administration (AP) Dmitry Tabachnik and the first presidential aide Oleksandr Razumkov, the father of the present speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov. Because of the conflict last even retired. In recent years, work on the main state office Kuchma serious conflict broke out between the reigning head of the presidential Administration Victor Medvedchuk and the first assistant Sergey Levochkin. Not spared hardware of war and the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko and the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych, the expert explains.

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“Maybe it’s to a lesser degree was with Poroshenko, but only for the reason that he was “everything” and the Minister of foreign Affairs, and his chief of staff. His head of AP Boris Lozhkin was more of a Communicator, another head of the presidential administration Igor rainin – more by. And then, there were also elements of the internal conflict between the same by Raininy and the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vitaliy Kovalchuk“, – said Fesenko.

Moreover, as a rule, the first of such crises in the team occur on average in the span of six months to a year from the beginning of presidential tenure, in which someone from her left his post, the expert said. For example, Yushchenko split command the change of the head of Administration occurred approximately 9 months after the beginning of his presidency.

“It’s such a typical situation, the struggle in the entourage of the President. If we are talking about higher officials and people with positions, it is often a hardware war. According to my information, this competition for influence on the President occurs between Bogdan and Ermak in the autumn of 2019,” he says.

Set aside whether Bogdan

However, in those same few months there has been some cooling of relations between Zelensky and Bogdan, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik. According to the expert, the figure of “the Whisperer Bogdan” and giperplazirovannah role does not suit the President.

“There are between them in separate directions and a crisis of confidence. Therefore, we see that Bogdan in some degree removed from office,” – said the expert.

At the same time, it emphasizes Fesenko, sources close to Zelensky, saying that he did not give preference to one of them. Therefore, to say that the influence on Bogdan Zelenskiy has ceased, or that the head of PP will leave his post – not.

“Zelensky from the very beginning built a system of checks and balances. The influence of Ermak in the autumn rose. And before that, as opposed to Bogdan performed with one hand of the first assistant Shafir, with another – the head of SBU Ivan Bakanov, says the expert, Is the confrontation probably escalated because Yermak was able to successfully negotiate with the Russians and for the exchange of prisoners and transit of gas, it is very close to Zelensky. And the President appreciates those people who give the result. With Bogdan, it was also – it is largely ensured the success of the presidential election, he belonged to the idea of early parliamentary elections. So Zelensky prized for its results and because it helps him to manage the income statement and to perform the functions of the President. Ermak he values for the specific results. But between two people who probably are the most influential in the entourage of the President inevitably had conflict, competition for influence in Zelensky,” – said the expert.

Zelensky demanded to find out who had recorded the controversial meeting Goncharuk with the Ministers

According to Fesenko, Bogdan is a very specific administrator and politician, with a unique style and complex character, who allows himself what other policies would not allow. But while Zelensky not ready for him to refuse, said Fesenko. Therefore, to draw conclusions about who in this hardware is the winner, sooner, he said.

“Apparently, some time Zelensky will save that competing, contradictory bunch – Bogdan and Ermak. But if the conflict between them escalates and will take a more acute form, if in this conflict will participate in a significant part of the team, then, maybe then, Zelensky will have to make a choice,” – said Fesenko.

Thus, according to Bortnik, the probability of resignation of Bogdan is the main reason for this may be that he has concentrated in his hands vast powers, but how he used them, not always arranged Zelensky.