Where in Kiev to smoke Shisha in the open air: the TOP places and prices

Где в Киеве покурить кальян под открытым небом: ТОП мест и цены

Romantic summer evenings can be called the most beautiful of the year. When the heat of the day finally subsides, you can sit with friends under the open sky, lighting delicious hookah and looking at the starry sky.

The best option for the summer – hookahs under the open sky. Agree, it is nice to enjoy the panoramas of European cities under a light and unobtrusive music, completely wrapped up in fragrant smoke. You will not have long to browse the advertising sites and read custom reviews. The informant prepared a brief collection of the best hookah in Kiev under the open sky with a description of the institutions and pricing policies. So feel free to choose.

Out of time

Hookah bar “Out of Time” – a place for those who appreciate a good hookah, cozy atmosphere and delicious cocktails. It is a quiet oasis in the heart of the bustling city, not far from Independence square. There are no noisy music. Format lounge. So friends it is nice to smoke hookah and relaxing music. The interior is decorated in darkish colors that have to relax. The school is divided into three rooms and furnished with wooden furniture with soft cushions. Also in the open terrace where you can enjoy the beauty of the evening Kiev.

Where: Kostelnaya street, 11

Mode of operation: from 14:00 to 02:00

The cost of the hookahs: from 230 to 290 UAH hryvnia

Hookah-bar G-Sky

Panoramic views of Kiev – pleasure for the eyes and soul. Especially the beautiful capital appears from a bird’s flight, because from this angle the city becomes a special European charm. G-Sky is located on the seventh floor, on the roof of a multilevel Parking garage. In a cozy atmosphere you can smoke a hookah, sitting on the soft padded stools, or sitting behind a long counter. This place is popular, but because the table at G-Sky is better to book in advance.

Where: Rainbow street, 25A

Mode of operation: daily from 12:00 to 5:00

The cost of the hookahs: the classic hookah (Al Fakher, home Jordan) – 180 UAH, tobacco – 20-80 hryvnia, fruit cups – from 55 to 205 hryvnia.

The Restaurant Mr. Zuma

This is a restaurant quality Japanese food. But the hookah is good. There is a school, however, not on the roof, and on the fifth floor of the shopping center “Gulliver”. The club has a beautiful summer terrace with wicker furniture and soft cushions. Specialities of the restaurant of course mainly from fish and seafood, which is quite logical. Prices on hookah is a little above average, but is consistent with good quality.

Where: the Sports square, 1A

Mode of operation: daily from 12:00 to 2:00

The cost of the hookahs: classic – from 280 UAH grapefruit – 520 UAH

Par Bar 2

This hookah is not in the center of the capital, but it’s hardly the only the minute institution “Par Bar 2”. It is because of the lovely summer terrace visitors never tire of coming to this place. “Par Bar 2” is a huge spacious room with 6 foot ceilings, sophisticated design and a huge summer terrace. By the way, this is the biggest summer Playground among the hookah cafes of the capital. In the evenings DJs play good, and the menu has a Japanese and Asian kitchen.

Where: Solomenskaya street, 11

The hours: daily 12.00 – 00.00

The cost of the hookahs: 310 UAH

Restaurant “Concord”

This place is incredibly cozy and full of warmth. In warm time of the year there is a spacious terrace decorated with colourful lanterns. The interior of the “Concord” are decorated in warm brown and yellow hues. Guests can sit on soft couches. From the terrace and near the large Windows can be seen the tops of tall buildings and scenery of the center of Kiev. The highlight of the place – an exclusive wine card for true gourmets. But hookah is quite delicious. You can order a hookah through the fruit with the use of premium tobacco.

Где в Киеве покурить кальян под открытым небом: ТОП мест и цены

Где в Киеве покурить кальян под открытым небом: ТОП мест и цены

Где в Киеве покурить кальян под открытым небом: ТОП мест и цены

Где в Киеве покурить кальян под открытым небом: ТОП мест и цены

Где в Киеве покурить кальян под открытым небом: ТОП мест и цены