Where in the river the city Council will build a house for 87 million

Где в Днепре горсовет построит дом за 87 миллионов

In the river, work continued on the repair of houses: somewhere install new Elevator, and somewhere to build a new multi-storey building. The total cost of works – more than 88 million UAH. In a residential building № 4 on street of Vladimir Antonovich will be made overhaul of the Elevator. The Department of housing Dnieper the city Council who acts as the customer of the project, is willing to pay the contractor 950 thousand UAH. The contractor, in turn, will have to replace the car lift apparatus for a call switch cabin doors and shaft, braking device and speed limiter, perform the installation of suspended cable and replace the wiring. All work will be completed by 31 December 2019.

Repair of facade of a residential house № 8 on street of the 20th anniversary of the Victory will cost the city budget UAH 190 thousand. The contractor will need to perform the repair and restoration of sealing joints of exterior wall panels to the end of the year.

For the construction of an apartment building on Bolshaya Dievskaya near the house No. 4, 6 the Department of public works and infrastructure plans to spend 86 887 million 467 thousand UAH. In the selected area will uproot trees, will lay the Foundation, erect the walls and ceilings, install stairs, Packed and insulated the roof, will perform the design and decor of the facade. The building will have lift, insert plastic Windows and doors, put hydro and thermal insulation, linoleum and ceramic flooring, will postoctoral and paint walls, ceilings and soffits.

In addition, the contractor will need to build pipelines of gas supply, heating, sanitation, hot and cold water supply, perform pressure test of the system, as well as set filters for water purification. The building will perform the electrical work, hang lights, installing sockets, stretched cable, install the fire alarm and sensors of gas contamination. Near the house lay asphalt, sow lawns, planting trees, install street lights, benches, garbage cans, racks for drying clothes, and cleaning household items. What is more than surprising, according to the tender conditions, the construction of the house should be completed by December 31, 2019

Где в Днепре горсовет построит дом за 87 миллионов