“Where is the promised recalculation”: the bills for Jan angry Ukrainians

"Где обещанный перерасчет": платежки за январь разозлили украинцев

Kharkiv received bills in January and can not hide his indignation at the number listed in them.

The cry of the soul published in the “Typical HTZ” user Vyacheslav Yushchenko.

“Received bills for heating in January!!!! Why are they higher than in November and December, namely by as much as eight hundred hryvnia!!! Where is the promised allocation in the smaller side???? How many will drink the blood of the population??? How to stop mocking people???”, emotionally he writes.

Under fasting for more than eight decades review, in which other residents of Kharkiv write about how “lucky” they are.

“We have 1200 added, recalculation, so in the receipt and written 1200 recalculation and plus its the sum of Jan. So lowered, private house”, – says user Julia Julia.

“And I have a January compared with last January. This year more. And this despite the positive average monthly temperature and promised lower prices,” – said Ales Manafova.

“And not only heating.The hot water is tariff 4 counter. To the amount on the meter added is not clear for what… 71 UAH. Maybe still the leaders of the city will respond, where these amounts come from???? In December the heating was 1000 UAH, in January – 2100” – adds Elena Patropavlovsk.

“While we pay will increase, and as soon as you see that the people stops paying, maybe then you would think. Though I will think of something else, like delivery…..”, “I’m willing to pay for real calculations for that use, and bills, as from outer space”, “It’s kind of like at the supermarket first to write a higher price, then type do a discount” – written by other users.