Where the Ukrainians have to offer decent wages

Где украинцам предлагают достойные зарплаты

Abroad there is a growing demand for workers in construction, logistics and manufacturing sector.

Looking for laborers in factories and warehouses, maids, waiters, helpers in the kitchen, workers in greenhouses and forestry, on farms and in gardens. Job offer to long – distance drivers, welders, animators, turners, cooks and yoga instructors.

At the same time without knowledge of the local language to find a job graduates is almost impossible.

Abroad, salaries are higher than in Ukraine. Really need to work 5 days and 40 hours per week, and 6 days 10-12 hours a day.

Most workers are paid in Canada and Australia. However to get a visa to these countries is difficult. You can earn good in Israel and the United States. High wages in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. However with the money still need to pay taxes, to pay housing and food. first came out Germany. Next comes Poland and the Czech Republic. Latest plans to 40 thousand visas to double the quota for Ukrainian labor migrants.

Где украинцам предлагают достойные зарплаты

Где украинцам предлагают достойные зарплаты