Where to apply: residents of the Dnieper to cut emergency trees

Куда обращаться жителям Днепра чтобы спилить аварийные деревья

August 14, Dnieper city Council Director of enterprise Gorzelenstroy Oleg Pritchenko told about how and where to access to residents to have their yard cut down dangerous damaged trees.

“Woody” the moratorium is not effective on all trees

According to Oleg Pritchenko, a moratorium on cut down trees in the river only applies to the removal of green plantations located on sites which are planned for construction on residential and office buildings, Parking lots, shops and other commercial activities.

“Emergency trees, located in the city, a moratorium on their removal does not apply, as well as the removal Posada poplars. The city developed a program for their gradual removal, the Committee, which includes allergists, dendrologists and ecologists surveyed about 15 thousand of these trees, which composed the acts of their spil. All in all, the city of their tens of thousands.

But any tree, and poplar, in particular, can be removed only on the basis of the act signed by the representatives of the Department of public works and infrastructure of the city Council, of the “Zelenstroy” and the ecological Commission at the city Council. A copy of such statement must be in the hands of crews performing tree removal. If people see that someone is trying to cut down a tree, and he had a similar act no, citizens should call the police,” – said Oleg Pritchenko.

According to him, since the beginning of the year, the city removed about 2,500 trees, and about 3,500 trees had been trimmed and rejuvenated. But pruning and rejuvenation of trees is made only in autumn and winter, when the tree stops movement of juice.

Where to go for planting new plants

According to the Director KP “Gorzelenstroya”, citizens with this goal may apply to a Single hot line of the city Council by phone: (056) 732-12-12, (095) 732-12-12, (096) 732-12-12, (073) 732-12-12and their application the next morning will be transferred to “Zelenstroy”.

“Either the citizens can directly bring a written request to the Department of public works and infrastructure, the address – street Ispolkomovsky, 6. The application must contain emergency tree or stump remaining after a previously removed tree, the exact address and telephone number of the applicant. Further, at the specified location, leaving the representatives of the Department of public works, of the “Zelenstroy” and the ecological Commission at the city Council. They inspect the specified tree and make their signatures the act for the removal, pruning, or rejuvenation of a tree.

Similarly, for planting trees and shrubs on some address citizens must make a written application to the Department of public works and infrastructure city Council”, – said Oleg Pritchenko.

What and how much “Zelenstroy” planted this year in the city

“This year the city should be planted approximately 11,500 trees and shrubs already planted around 8,000 of their units, the rest will be planted in the fall. For the landing we mainly now use young trees species maple, oak, willow and lime, are well adapted to our climate. Each seedling we charge the supplier a lump of earth the size of 30×60 cm and a height of a trunk is about 2 metres. The survival rate of such seedlings is approximately 80%.

The city has already planted about 68 000 thousand flowers of various species and varieties. To the city Day we are planning to plant in flower beds and flower beds another 8,000 chrysanthemums of different varieties and colors,” – said Oleg Pritchenko.