Where to celebrate the New year: TOP unusual scenarios

Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев

The new year is not far off. Almost every street of Kiev decorated with garlands, all rushing to find gifts for relatives and friends, booking places in restaurants and bars and buy food for the festive table. But there are those people who have not yet decided how and where they celebrate the coming year.

Most of the inhabitants of the capital celebrate New year at home or in various institutions of Kiev. But sometimes you want something unusual, head to take in the holiday atmosphere and see the Christmas miracle. The informant gathered for you a selection of the most original and unusual scenarios for meeting 2020 to a bright start of the new decade was remembered for the whole life.

New year in the center of Kiev

What could be atmospheric than together with thousands of other residents of the capital count down the seconds to the New year near the main tree of the country. If you have never met a holiday in the center of Kiev, then this option is perfect for you. You can gather your friends and family, taking with him a bottle of champagne, and go to Sofia. Or even go by yourself and find many new interesting acquaintances. Such a scenario definitely will not be boring, because this year the organizers have prepared a lot of fun.

You will be able to dance to Ruslana, who will be headlining the new year’s concert, to try different Goodies and enjoy a tasty mulled wine, ride the rides and return home in the new year with new experiences and memories.What they sell and how much are the treats at the Christmas fair in Kiev – see here. Moreover, this option will be much cheaper than a holiday in the restaurant or even at home. Anyway, to celebrate the New year in the city centre is possible and absolutely without money. Number of good experiences will not diminish, but may be even more.

New year in the way

In 2019 in Kiev, and in 2020 is already in Paris – just a dream. Imagine you are flying over night towns, in addition to bright lamps, signs, and garlands, soar into the sky fireworks and sky lanterns and with speakers can hear the congratulations of the pilot with the coming of the New year. And in a few hours you land in the city of your dreams. Isn’t that fabulous? For once in your life is to celebrate the holiday this way. This is a very unusual and memorable scenario. And if we accept to believe “as the New year meet, so spend it”, the whole year you would expect a lot of travel. Especially because this night there are a lot of tickets at good discounts.

And if you like the earth method of travel, you can celebrate the New year on the train. It’s not fabulous, but very fun. Because the on-Board rules are much stricter than in the car. Especially you will not be bored in the reserved seat. A lot of new friends here just provided.

New year in the forest

Everyone thinks that a picnic is fun for the warm season. But why not arrange it in the winter, and even better new year. Come early, dress up any you like the Christmas tree, to light a fire, gather loved ones and enjoy the holiday. Without much urban hustle and gadgets. Especially because winter this year is warm. You can even make barbeque, play games, sing and dance around the Christmas tree and do whatever you want. It is important not to Wake the animals and not to leave garbage behind.

New year on the roof

This is probably the most romantic scenario of the meeting of the New year. Just the two of you, and at the bottom a glittering capital. An excellent option to leave all the problems last year and enjoy the moment. For the holiday table need just a fruit and a bottle of champagne. You can listen to Christmas music, watching the joyful passers-by, to dance, to exchange gifts and make plans for next year. And then you can join the others and continue the celebration in the capital.

The new year benefit

Very nice to receive gifts, and even nicer to give them. To have fun and to have fun in New year is very good, and even better – to do good and become Santa Claus for others. You can just buy a lot of sweets and new year’s eve to go out and distribute them to all passers-by, offering his congratulations. And you can bring a miracle to those who had yet to truly believe – children. Try new year’s eve to come to the orphanage and to congratulate all on a holiday, and even better – in costume of Santa Claus with the snow Maiden or Santa Claus. Such a scenario will give you emotions which are not available anywhere else, and the other – a real new year miracle!

The new year as Santa

If it so happened that in this New year, you were left alone in the city, and spending the holidays alone with the TV is not really something you want, don’t worry. Try to work as a animator. Especially if you have some acting skills. Now a lot of companies organising events are looking for people who will go door to door to give all the occasion. Of course, it’s not free. On average, per night, you can earn from 1000 USD and more, depends on orders. The more that everyone will spend money in the new year’s eve, and you earn.

If you want to, it can be very bright and unusual to celebrate the New year, even if there is no snow. Previously, we made a selection of gifts with Christmas mood, which help to feel the real atmosphere of celebration.

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Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев

Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев

Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев

Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев

Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев

Где встретить Новый год: ТОП необычных сценариев