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Куди піти у Києві на вихідних: афіша на 7 – 9 грудня - Lifestyle 24

Working life is left behind, and so should plan something interesting for the weekend. For residents and guests prepared a lot of measures that can be remembered for a lifetime. So choose what you closer to the soul.

Concerts, performances and new year-Christmas fun – this event will cover the capital of Ukraine at the weekend. Therefore, people will be able to plunge into the magic atmosphere, successfully planning your holiday. Journalists LifeStyle 24 decided to help you with this, choosing the exciting events that will fill your weekend.

The poster of the events in Kiev on December 7 – 9,


7 Dec, 19:00

Stereo Plaza

600 hryvnia

To buy tickets

Popular singer ONUKA gives you the latest in 2018, the concert in Kiev. The star will perform in the hall of the club Stereo Plaza in support of their new album, “MOZAЇKA”. According to the organizers of performances, the concert may be the most ambitious in the history of the group.

It is worth noting that after the show ONUKA plans to take a break from touring Ukraine, as the artist had planned a Grand tour of Europe. Therefore music lovers who wanted to listen to original musical instruments and beautiful lyrics, don’t miss the event.

Куди піти у Києві на вихідних: афіша на 7 – 9 грудня - Lifestyle 24
Performance ONUKA in Kiev


On 7 and 8 December, 19:00

The national Palace “Ukraine”

700 – 1750 UAH

To buy tickets

The music of world famous genius new way to become a reality, and the composer himself will appear before the audience like a rock musician who denies the canons, and the injustice of his time. Touching-the alarming sound of a Symphony orchestra, outrageous main character, surprising power and is a combination of seven votes is not all that will surprise highlights of the show. Check it out!

Куди піти у Києві на вихідних: афіша на 7 – 9 грудня - Lifestyle 24
Rock MOZART in Kiev

Night immersion tour of the center of Kiev “Farolero”

7 Dec, 21:00


300 – 650 hryvnia

To buy tickets

My dream is to get into a real fairy tale – then you should attend a tour performance just on the night streets of the capital, which holds a mysterious magic lamplighter the name FAROLERO. His performance is an original mix of walking tours and iersinii theatre. So Kiev you will not see!

Куди піти у Києві на вихідних: афіша на 7 – 9 грудня - Lifestyle 24
Tour of the Kiev center “Farolero”

Winter Country at ENEA

December 8, 10:00


Entrance to the Park – free

Integrated ticket on location – 390 UAH

To buy tickets

Already on 8 December all Ukrainians and tourists can experience the real Christmas atmosphere, because at ENEA will begin a huge entertainment Park – “Winter Country at ENEA”. The main theme of the event was Christmas and new year traditions, so guests can attend master classes and to create his own thatch talisman for himself and his family, paint Christmas decorations or to weave a Christmas wreath. In addition, visitors will see fabulous scenery, photozone, virtual tours, games with animators, Raffles and a concert. Plunge into the world of the Christmas story this weekend!

Куди піти у Києві на вихідних: афіша на 7 – 9 грудня - Lifestyle 24
“Winter Country at ENEA” offers to Kiev

Charity Weekend. Public Talk Masha Yefrosinina and Nadia Dorofeeva

9 Dec, 13:00

Mercure Congress Centre

500 – 1000 UAH


If you want to witness an exclusive interview with a famous person, then you should visit the “Charity Weekend. Public talk”. This is a chamber event, all proceeds from which will be transferred to the charity Fund “Your Support”. Among the stars of the event is TV presenter Masha Yefrosinina and singer Nadezhda Dorofeeva.

Куди піти у Києві на вихідних: афіша на 7 – 9 грудня - Lifestyle 24
“Charity Weekend. Public talk:”

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