Where Ukrainians go to work

Куда едут украинцы на заработки

Last year the Ukrainians abroad often looking for work in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary. At the same time, the highest salary offered to workers in Canada – at 97 thousand.

75% foreign vacancies had on Poland. Every third vacancy on the Czech Republic. There were, on average, paid $1 million (more than 27 thousand UAH). The demand was for unskilled workers, bakers, packers.

In Germany, the Ukrainian workers on average pay 41 thousand UAH. Most work was offered as a laborer, sorters and drivers.

Laborers, welders and packers, cooks, drivers were looking for in Slovakia. Workers in the latter half of 2018, the average pay 25 thousand UAH.

Significantly less offered work in Hungary – 18 thousand UAH. The five most popular countries where driving to work Ukrainians became Israel. There, the workers were paid 55 thousand UAH. Looking for General workers, cleaners and packers.

Not all businesses abroad are willing to pay more than the Ukrainians get home. For example, in Bulgaria and Turkey specialists offer up to 15 thousand UAH.

Куда едут украинцы на заработки

Куда едут украинцы на заработки