Whether in Zaporozhye patients with coronavirus kids

Есть ли в Запорожье больные коронавирусом дети

In the 5th children’s hospital have shown willingness to accept patients with coronavirus children Chamber – in a separate building

As in the 5th children’s hospital has equipped chamber for the treatment of young patients of different ages – today I watched “Industrialna”

Suites are located in a separate building – it was formerly a neonatal (also known as intensive care) unit. Here nursed newborns. Now, according to the Director of children’s hospital № 5 Andrew Zaporozhchenko, these structures are transferred in the main body where they work.

-Both here, on the ground floor, can be up to 12 children infected with coronavirus, in a serious state with mechanical ventilation, – said Andrey Grigorievich. On the second floor and prepared boxes for 21 children average severity of the disease, where they can be with their parents.

As the Director of the Department of health Zaporizhzhya city Council, Victoria Ushakova, if necessary, will be redeveloped other branch of the 5th children’s hospital.

“Check the children with symptoms similar to the symptoms of coronavirus”

On the question of how children are at risk with the novel coronavirus, Andrew Zaporozhchenko said:

-World practice shows that children are less vulnerable to severe form of coronavirus. And that dangerous, can become carriers of the coronavirus without clinical symptoms to transmit the infection. If we are talking about children with moderate and severe form of the disease that, unlike influenza and SARS, it is not the main part of the population that got sick.

In your hospital do children with coronavirus?

We check the children with symptoms similar to clinical signs of coronavirus. This happens in an isolated case main body receiving Department. Running tests expected result for 4-5 hours. We have not had any confirmation from children with pneumonia and other symptoms of the coronavirus.

– What do you have with the staff?

-We are ready for staffing. If necessary, we promise to help medical University – candidate pool is.

“We have received means of individual protection”

-What’s with the personal protective equipment for medics?

-Today we secured – meets Andrey Zaporozhchenko. – If to speak in terms of money, that purchased means of disinfection and personal protection for more than 2.5 million UAH. Thousands of gloves, gowns, masks, respirators, Shoe covers. More than 200 of the insulation suits. It is not less than a two week supply to complete the work if all spaces are taken. And so we hope that this, at least, monthly the need.

Victoria Ushakov noted that at city Council session has been allocated 99 million UAH to the needs of the hospitals in the city. In particular, personal protective equipment, disinfectants, medicines for resuscitation, respiratory medical equipment.

-We constantly receive personal protective equipment, which were purchased at the expense of the city budget, – says Viktoriya Ushakova. And now almost all remedies did. Finish distribute them to the institutions. Masks with a high degree of protection if patients would be big enough for two to three weeks. By some means – for a month. If we manage to stabilise the disease process and will not increase peak that will last for a month or three. Therefore, in our hands to stop this process. And use personal protective equipment not only doctors but also ordinary people. And also strictly adhere to the limitations of quarantine actions.

Victoria Ushakov reiterated that the medical facilities operate in a special mode. Therefore, suspended all planned consultations, hospitalization and surgery. And also said what dental clinic of Zaporozhye work in an emergency situation.

Есть ли в Запорожье больные коронавирусом дети

Есть ли в Запорожье больные коронавирусом дети

Есть ли в Запорожье больные коронавирусом дети