Whether social networks such threat, we are told

Действительно ли соцсети такие опасные, как нам говорят

Together with the popularity of social networking, there are more information that they carry a serious risk: depression, low self-esteem and the like. However, a fresh large-scale study showed that it is not.

As writes the edition Naked-science, psychologists from Oxford and German Hogenesch University conducted a large-scale study. And the result was not so terrible.

How to conduct research. The experts used the monitoring of the health status of residents of the UK UK Household Longitudinal Study. The project checked the health of 12 500 people of all ages and social groups.

Next, the researchers conducted a statistical analysis of the data collected for teenagers on the basis of these data formed their conclusions.

What scientists have found. The researchers claim that the fact of use of social network has almost no impact on their own sense of well-being.

Although psychologists and found that users of social networks are slightly less satisfied with their lives than those who do not use them. But the difference is insignificant – less than one percent. Furthermore, prolonged use of social networks, on the contrary, slightly increased assessment of personal well-being.

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