Whether the electric grid?

Нужна ли электромобилям решетка?

This refers to the grille – if traditional cars with internal combustion engines it serves a practical function, the electric vehicles its presence already is being questioned. However, the Lexus is convinced that she needs to be in place always

In an interview with Autocar, CEO of Lexus Design Division Koichi Suga said that the company is not going to abandon the radiator grilles, as in the case of Lexus they looks very impressive. He also said that even if leaders begin to think about refusing them, it will make every effort to retain them. Mr. Suga said that even customers of the brand advocate for the preservation of radiator grilles, for beautiful.

Besides the aesthetic function, the radiator grille of the Lexus, according to a top Manager, will allow electric and hybrid Lexus efficiently cooling the battery, and the automaker should not forget about their warranty. This is another reason why Lexus is not ready to completely abandon the classical lattices.