Which and how many trees and flowers planted in the river over 56.7 million hryvnias

Какие и сколько деревьев и цветов высадят в Днепре за 56,7 миллиона гривен

The Department of public works and infrastructure of the Dnieper the city Council announced a tender for the landscaping of the Dnieper. City hall is want to spend 56.7 million hryvnias. What flowers and trees will be planted – read the material.

For 2020 it is planned to plant about 700 thousand colors. Among them are ageratum, Salvia, dahlias, several species of begonia, pelargonium, petunias and surfinias. Urban parks and squares will be enriched with Tagetes, in common marigold. All the flowers I plan to plant in the flowerbeds in the form of drawings and geometric shapes.

In the town planted nearly 5 000 bushes of forsythia, juniper, barberry, spirea, Jasmine, cotoneaster and tea rose, etc. will Be more in the city of sycamore trees, rowans, magnolias, plums, cherry trees, maples, pines, lindens, birches, Acacias, catalpas. All will be planted 6525 trees of different species. In order to plant some very large trees and bushes, plan to bring special equipment – cranes.

In the documentation it is specified that the plants will need care to loosen, to pick the weeds, water and fertilize. In addition, the planned seeding of lawns manually.

To make the flower beds look aesthetically pleasing, will hold Ternovaya tracks and platforms. In accordance with the requirements of landscape design to equip the beds with the underlying layer of pine bark, wood chips, gravel, quartzitic aggregates and decorative stones. The locations of these beds is not indicated.

A tender posted on the website goszakupok Prozorro.

Potential contractors may submit their proposals until 26 February. On April 2, will begin trading, and with the arrival of summer the city should turn green and filled with the scents of flowering plants. The money is in the mayor’s office has allocated enough.

Какие и сколько деревьев и цветов высадят в Днепре за 56,7 миллиона гривен