Which applications are used by employees of the Apple Store

Какими приложениями пользуются сотрудники Apple Store

The staff consists of a lots of different applications, access to which is closed for ordinary users. Most of them are intended exclusively for the Genius Bar and help them identify an issue proprietary technology, but some programs were created specifically for retailers. This was told by Vice President of Apple retail Angela Ahrendts in an interview with Vogue Business.

According to Ahrendts, every working day more than 70 thousand employees of the Apple Store begins with a briefing conducted by the mobile app Hello. At the morning meeting of the sellers inform about the work plans of the company, provide important information and encourage for the best work. It happens that the very Ahrendts also participate in the briefings via a Hello, turning to his subordinates personally, and not through multiple network managers.

Another app used by Apple Store employees, is a closed Loop social network, where you can’t get random people. In fact, explains Ahrendts is not only a platform for business communication, distribution sales processes, developed by more experienced sellers, and a place where staff can discuss a particular strategy. The best of the best trust to record training videos that come in the collection Loop and are example for future employees.

All employees of the Apple Store, regardless of your country of residence and the language in which they razgovaraju, can communicate with each other within the Loop due to advanced technology transfer, said a top Manager. “We use the technology of automatic translation, and other Apple Store employees can see what and how makes sure of a shop on Regent street in London. This is a huge achievement, when the staff from all over the world can communicate with each other and share experiences,” concluded Ahrendts.