Which can lead to the annexation by Israel of the Jordan valley?

К чему может привести аннексия Израилем Иорданской долины?

Of July 1, Israel is going to proceed with the annexation of vast territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river. International experts believe that this could seriously impede the settlement of the conflict.

Wednesday, July 1, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can proceed with the implementation of the controversial Washington’s plan for a peaceful settlement in the middle East. The plan proposed by US President Donald trump, gives Israel the green light to the annexation of vast territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river, including the Jordan valley, which Israel has occupied since 1967. So far, however, it is not clear what territory can be annexed by Israel is still negotiating with Washington on the issue.

The end of the concept of “two States for two peoples “?

The annexation of the West Bank may finally negate the concept of “two States for two peoples” which involves the creation of an independent Palestinian state coexisting peacefully with Israel. The plan of trump, in turn, also provides for the establishment of a Palestinian state, but without a strategically and economically important Jordan valley and East Jerusalem as the capital. It is worth noting that Palestinians in the development of this plan was not involved.

Residents of the Palestinian national authority (PNA) strongly oppose the annexation. “We were promised by the government, but we have not received. We are extremely disappointed – including the fact that the world’s not listening. In fact, our territory has long been colonized and no one to prevent it”, – complains the head of the independent Palestinian Institute for public diplomacy Salem Barahmeh.

In the opinion of the expert, the idea of creating “two States for two peoples” is doomed to failure. He notes that the Palestinian authority actually controls only about 18 percent of the occupied territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river: decisions on all key issues accept Israeli. “Israel controls freedom of movement, access to water and services sector. The Israeli secret service every night arresting people in cities and villages,” says the Palestinian.

Ordinary Israelis are not up to the annexation?

Meanwhile for many Israelis of Jewish origin the question of the possible annexation does not play such a significant role. According to a study conducted by members of the “Geneva initiative” – a project to resolve the conflict in the middle East, ordinary citizens are much more concerned about the pandemic coronavirus and its implications for the economy. Only a small proportion of respondents want the government made the issue of annexation as a top priority.

The results of the survey in General confirmed by other studies. Slightly more than half of Israelis support the idea of annexation in one form or another, but they disagree about how it should happen, says military analyst of the organization “international crisis group” (ICG), ofer Salzberg.

“The conflict lasts too long”

Meanwhile, young Israelis Adar keys and Tair Rosenblat going to tel Aviv to demonstrate against the planned annexation. First and foremost, activists concerned with the future of the economy. “At the moment we have no money to entertain the plans of annexation,” says Tair, which due to quarantine lost her job as a waitress in a restaurant. According to her, the government should take care about saving jobs, not about a controversial unilateral annexation of Palestinian land. In addition, the development plan should have been considered and the views of the Palestinian side, confident girl.

Adar keys, in turn, laments the fact that many people are not aware of the scale of the planned annexation. “When the conflict has lasted so long, many are indifferent to it,” says the young man.

The Palestinians cease cooperation with Israel

In response to the plans of the Israeli government, the Palestinian national authority has terminated all agreements with Israel, including cooperation agreements in the field of security. The government of Prime Minister of the Palestinian national authority Muhammad Stie is currently under enormous pressure: recently, the organs of autonomy are unable to pay public sector workers wages in full. This situation has arisen because of a dispute over customs fees and tax payments on imported in the autonomy of the goods that Israel typically were regularly paid to the PNA.

In turn, in the Gaza strip, where power is the radical Islamist movement Hamas, the annexation in any form will be considered a “Declaration of war”.

The international community was against the plan of trump

While the US approves the annexation of the Jordan valley to Israel, the majority of the world community sees in these plans a violation of international law and warned Israel against annexation of the Palestinian territories.

For example, in mid-June the foreign Ministers of Germany and France Heiko Wt (Heiko Maas) and Jean-Yves Le Drian warned that such a step would only aggravate the conflict in the middle East. According to the French Minister, the only solution to the conflict could be the solution based on the peaceful coexistence of the Israeli and Palestinian States. “Our goal remains the same – to prevent illegal annexation,” said his German counterpart.

К чему может привести аннексия Израилем Иорданской долины?

К чему может привести аннексия Израилем Иорданской долины?

К чему может привести аннексия Израилем Иорданской долины?

К чему может привести аннексия Израилем Иорданской долины?

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