Which design will receive a Steam: photo

Какой дизайн получит Steam: фото

Now all attention is chained to gamers E3 2019, however, in addition to the exhibition users have something to do. For example, Chinese users accidentally leaking screenshots of the new design Steam.

How it got leaked? Thanks to the Chinese launcher Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers are able to carefully consider the design of the store, which announced in March.

Even then, users reacted ambiguously to a quick change of a setting, and this time the same thing happened.

The reaction of the users. Comments on Twitter joyful not to call: the public complains that Valve doesn’t listen to the audience. Update gamers call unnecessary, and the interface is overloaded.

Какой дизайн получит Steam: фото

Steam will receive the new design

Какой дизайн получит Steam: фото

Not all users perceived changes in Steam positive

Some, however, such type of Steam liked.

How to get new design before the announcement? On Reddit even posted instructions, following which you can become the happy owner of a visually updated libraries now.

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