Which product scientists believe the most dangerous

Какой продукт ученые считают самым опасным

On supermarket shelves we can find many harmful products. Sauces, snacks, sausages and more – all this, of course, harmful. However, scientists have recognized that the most dangerous product, it is not strange, is salt.

Abuse salt doctors strongly advise. A small daily amount is enough for the body. Experimentally, the experts calculated the amount of salt in various foods.

It turned out that salt contributes to high blood pressure and can also lead to hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. The majority of people underestimate the dangers of salt, though its action on blood vessels is instantaneous. The food dilates blood vessels for at least two hours, it sometimes accumulates cholesterol and developing cardiovascular disease.

According to scientists, high blood pressure to a negative impact on the body is enough even a little more than 3.5 grams of salt. At the same time, many people daily allowance of salt is equal to about 8-12 grams.