Which statements about healthy eating are fiction

Какие утверждения о здоровом питании являются выдумкой

Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov told which statements about healthy eating lead people astray. Writes Newsmir.info referring to “channel 24”.

So, the supporters of a healthy lifestyle insist on the exclusion from the diet of people foods that contain fats. It may not please the producers of “diet” products. They are happy to remove fats, replacing them with the salt, sugar and various fillers. All this is done in order to a person has developed a dependence on a particular product.

At the same time wishing to live a healthy lifestyle focus on the benefits of soy. However, according to Mikhail Gavrilov, the composition of this product contains high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. This leads to increased inflammation in the human body. Also, regular drinking of soy provokes early aging. In addition, the expert advises not to use sugar substitutes. After all, they are a bad influence on metabolic processes in the human body. In addition, they stimulate weight gain more than, in fact, sugar in its pure form.