While playing football died a journalist who survived a plane crash club “Epicoene”

Во время игры в футбол умер журналист, который выжил в авиакатастрофе клуба "Шапекоэнсе"

In Brazil, died the journalist Rafael Hansel. He was one of six passengers of the plane that crashed on 28 November 2016. Then killed almost the entire football team “Epicoene” from Brazil.

Rafael Hansel lost consciousness playing football in the southern town of Chapeco, according to the publication Globo Esporte. The doctors who brought Rafael to the hospital were unable to save him. He was 45 years old.

“Epicoene” has already expressed his condolences in connection with the death of Hansel. In a statement, the club noted that Rafael has become a symbol of the rebirth of the team after the disaster and will remain forever in the history of the club. Also, the club asked to postpone the next match of the team, to honor the memory of a journalist.

The air crash with the command “Epicoene” November 28, 2016, the plane, which was flying from the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra in the Colombian Medellin, crashed before reaching the airport. On Board were the players of the Brazilian club “Epicoene”. In General, from the 81st person on Board, including players, coaches, football officials and the crew, survived six people. They all flew in for the match against the Colombian club “Atletico Nacional”.

Nine players “Epicoene” tragedies, not flying with the club for the final of the South American Cup against “Atletico Nacional”. And of those 22 players who flew on this flight, only three survived (Alan Russel, Jackson, Folmann and Elihu is not Present). Found alive on the goalkeeper Marcos Danilo later died in hospital.