Who absolutely can not eat garlic and ginger

Кому категорически нельзя есть чеснок и имбирь

Ginger and garlic are particularly in demand products in terms of virus outbreak. However, experts note that consumption is good not all some people they can harm, causing various deviations, reports newsyou.info.

Garlic is well known for scientists and doctors as a product with strong antiviral properties, but people with high acidity of the stomach it can harm because, among other things, is able to provoke heartburn.

Harmful for those suffering from reflux frequent heartburn also ginger. In General it should be very careful is all, who have problems of the digestive tract. In addition, ginger is dangerous for those who take anticoagulants, beta-blockers, medicines based on of insulin. Under the influence of contained in the ginger substances accelerating the metabolism, the body can not absorb the medications as needed.

We must also remember that ginger has the ability to accelerate the blood circulation, experts noted. In certain disorders of hematopoiesis, it can cause deterioration of health.

As for garlic, spicy vegetable has a choleretic effect: consumption of cholelithiasis contributes to the occurrence of exacerbations. Garlic can harm the condition of people with chronic gastritis, colitis: the effect of its active substances in these diseases is fraught with inflammation of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.

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