Who and how many will have to pay tax on housing in 2020?

Кому и сколько придется заплатить налога на жилье в 2020 году?

Have too a large apartment or house? Pay! For every extra square meter. Each year about one million Ukrainians should pay for the property.

In each city – has its own rate of tax. In the river – the high – half percent of the minimum wage. Why? The answer was looking for the correspondent channel 34.

Ludmila shows their “mansions”. In the ‘ 90s retired and received the site from the factory where he worked. Built a two – story house on two hundred and fifty square meters. But then I had no idea that in a few years for that luxury she would have to pay.

“It’s an unreal amount. 8 thousand. For what? For what I built, because I support him in order”, – says Lyudmila School, she pays the property tax.

Property tax property owners pay in the summer of last year. For those who have apartments ranging from sixty squares or private property of one hundred and twenty. The fee charged for the “extra” parameters. The tax rate in each city has its own – it is set on session. In Kharkov is 1% of the minimum wage, that is, 47 hryvnia per square meter. Lviv – half. However, in Kiev and the Dnieper – the highest rate across the Ukraine – a half percent – 70 hryvnia.

In the city Council explain: two years ago they did a benefit for owners of small apartments, so the tax people pay as they say the rulers – do for luxury.

“In the 25 square meters – from 60 to 85 – we made a decision of the city Council at a zero rate. That is, all who have apartment of 85 square meters, no need to pay anything.

Soviet Czech – 65 sq. m. That is, 85 is already modern apartments in new buildings”, – says Vladimir Miller, Director of the city Department of economy

Statistics debtors nor the city Council nor in the fiscal service are not. However, do you know how many people the tax on residential property pay. In the river is about six thousand people. They receive a receipt in the mail.

“If the payer has not paid, the penalty is calculated immediately. 20% – if tax not paid more than 30 days,” – said the Deputy head of the state control of the SBS in region Nelia Conscientious.

In 2019 due to the tax budget of the city added 40 million hryvnia. The money went to the salaries of doctors and teachers and financial assistance to the beneficiaries.