“Who are fighting, those crack dealers?” Sokolova ridiculed Russia for blatant fake about Ukraine

''С кем воюете, те - наркобарыги?'' Соколова высмеяла Россию за наглый фейк об Украине

Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolova ridiculed propaganda story Kremlin television about the alleged active participation of Ukrainians in the drug trade.

It showed a fragment of the speech of the mouthpieces of the Putin regime in the live show “an Evening with Yanina Sokolova” (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

It propagandists claimed that he was detained on the territory of the Russian Federation two citizens of Ukraine, who were drug dealers. In addition, supporters of the Putin regime accused Ukraine of active drug trafficking through its territory because of the “deravasi” borders.

Sokolov suspected that the way the propagandists wanted to spoil the reputation of Ukraine and was gonna slay them for it.

“This week all the same. Russia still does not allow to rise from his knees dastardly Ukrainians. If we hadn’t, they would have already built a spaceship and flew with the Director Akinyi in Gagra. As usual, Dmitry Kiselev in the morning, woke up, drank a jelly of lime, went to the balcony, stretched, looked at the barometer of the attitude to Ukraine and froze. The night arrow with “hate saloedov whole breadth of the Russian soul” was dropped to “despise those insignificant little Russians”. Dmitry understood the urgent need to do something about it”, – joked the presenter over the Russians and showed a fragment of a plot to discredit Ukraine.

“The Ukrainians are now in Russia it is not only an epidemic of prostitutes but also drug dealers. What all this story? First in Russia peddling the Afghans, then the Chechens, then Georgians, now finally we. You catch the pattern? With whom Russia starts a war, they immediately become the main huckster. There are two options – either you specifically create for those countries and peoples negative image, you start wars to sell drugs,” he concluded Sokolov about the purpose of the attacks of the propagandists in the Ukraine.

In addition, she made fun of their attempt to humiliate the Ukrainian language in the fake news. So, the programme presenter, has described the situation as “yellow-Blakytny crime.”

“Offer to our dealers to give the title of Heroes of Ukraine. Thanks to them, Russian propagandists spoke in Ukrainian and obosr*were”, – she potrollila Russians for their sarcasm.