Who are the “yellow jackets”?

Кто такие "жёлтые жилеты"?

52-year-old Stella Devine retired at the sostyanii health and the last 3 weeks she spent in the ranks of the “yellow jackets.” To explain why she does it, Stella invited us to his home.

According to her, she did not have enough money to pay heating bills, so she is forced to reduce it to a minimum. Stella’s husband is the only breadwinner in the family.

“My husband works at the factory for 25 years and earns 1700 Euro. But you have to pay for fuel, gas, electricity, health insurance, food, at last” – explains Stella.

The number of people living in France below the poverty line declined from 1970 to 2000 by 60 %. But then it began to grow again. In 2016, these people were already 9 million people.

Daniel is one of them. He lives on 700 euros per month. Revolution, he said, is long overdue:

“I was a participant in the events of may 1968. And it seems, it all starts again. Maybe even tougher than it was then. Even tougher. Because if the Makron will not yield, we will not give up too”.

Concessions, which went to Emmanuel macron, seems not calmed the protesters. “Yellow vests” I urge all the French to join them, to change France and its future. Following a nationwide protest of the “yellow jackets” will be held on Saturday.

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