Who because of the coronavirus will lose their jobs

Кто из-за коронавируса лишится работы

At-risk – Junior analysts, legal advisers, Bank managers, pharmacists, realtors, event managers, translators, teachers and Tutors.

The pandemic has affected many sectors of the labour market. Most of all, she has hit the tourism sector and air transportation, according to the research of the Institute of progressive education. About it, on Sunday, April 5, RT television reported.

According to a study in the risk zone, first of all, get the travel agents and guides. And the closing of international flights already led to the fact that many carriers are on the verge of bankruptcy.

“This, in turn, may facilitate the market entry of a large number of experienced professionals. After this increase the level of competition,” – experts say.

This situation, experts believe, happens also among fitness centers. The Institute’s experts believe that the fitness industry will not be able after mode isolation to cover clientele in full.

Experts believe that for workers in the spheres of fashion, makeup and stationary catering period after the pandemic will take place, will be no less difficult.

According to the results of the research in the area of risk are also employees of the printing industry, as enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses and individual customers to optimize costs.

“Customers can replace offline production of efficient electronic products,” the study says.

Experts believe that the measures taken by the authorities of many countries on the background of the coronavirus, can push the process of automation and digitalization of the workflow, which began long before the pandemic. In addition, many countries are actively developing and online services, whereby people have the opportunity to perform a number of tasks without the help of professionals.