Who believe that the mysterious Kazakh pneumonia, is a coronavirus

В ВОЗ считают, что загадочная казахская пневмония - это коронавирус

Around the world rumors about the “mysterious Kazakh pneumonia”, supposedly more dangerous than the coronavirus. However, who said that the problem is not a new disease, and lack of effective diagnosis Covid-19.

Admittedly, the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan himself to blame for the appearance of rumors about the new threat of pneumonia raging in Kazakhstan. The fact that the official statistics on the coronavirus include only those cases which are confirmed by PCR tests. It turns out that the country kills a lot of people, in morgues and cemeteries appeared in the queue, and the official reports coronavirus has claimed the lives of only 264 patients. Meanwhile, pneumonia, all symptoms coincide with Covid-19, not included in the statistics.

Last week, the Chinese Embassy published on its website a message about the new, unknown and very dangerous pneumonia, supposedly more dangerous than the coronavirus. This information was picked up by the world media. Expressed their position and who. Executive Director of the who Programme on emergency health Michael Ryan expressed the opinion that the cases “would not have been properly diagnosed”.

Under public pressure, and at the request of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the Ministry of health announced the numbers for the same pneumonia, same symptoms with Covid-19. The Minister of health Alexey Tsoi told the President that since the beginning of July has seen a rapid growth in the number of cases of pneumonia. If the first half of 2020 in Kazakhstan was 98.5 thousand cases of pneumonia, and for the entire year of 2019 was 63 thousand, for one only week of July was 56,8 thousand cases of pneumonia. That is, in one week almost as much as all of last year.

According to Choi, these 56,8 thousand cases 7 348 viral pneumonia and 9 759 – bacterial. Together they form the group of ordinary pneumonia, which was always. And almost 40 thousand cases “of viral pneumonia unspecified, which have a similar course with coronavirus infection.”

It turns out that just one week in Kazakhstan for at least 40 thousand people got sick with coronavirus pneumonia. This is in addition to those officially confirmed PCR-tests since the beginning of the pandemic 56 thousand cases of coronavirus, which shows statistics.

Thus, we can assume that the real extent of the epidemic in the country several times, maybe several hundred times higher than the official figures. With pneumonia in physicians treat few cases of coronavirus, most tolerate it without symptoms or mild stage is treated independently at home. So the claimed 40 thousand in one week can easily multiply by, say, 10.

Note that the same situation is observed in Kyrgyzstan, where the day before, July 11, died three patients with confirmed coronavirus and 32 patients (i.e. 10 times more) with pneumonia.