Who benefits kefir: benefits and harms of the product

Кому полезен кефир: польза и вред продукта

Experts in the field of dietetics voiced a number of reasons why you should include in the diet yogurt. Was also named the reasons why it is necessary to limit its use, especially for those who have a diagnosed health problems, according to ukrhealth.net.

According to nutritionists, kefir has many beneficial qualities. A fermented milk product helps to normalize the flora of the gastrointestinal tract, improve metabolism and restore the natural balance of the body. Also drink is the source of several valuable components, including calcium.

How to improve digestion: three effective ways

There are some restrictions for a certain category of people. For example, people with disruption of the cardiovascular system is recommended to exclude from the menu yogurt with a high fat content, limiting the options for its a minimal amount.

Also you should be attentive to those who are suffering from candidiasis and diseases of the digestive system. In such cases it is necessary to abandon the sour-milk beverages as well, and those that suffer from lactose intolerance. In all other cases, the optimal daily norm of consumption of yogurt should not exceed 1-2 glasses.