Who better? Apple introduced the most powerful MacBook Pro

Кто сможет лучше? Apple представила самый мощный MacBook Pro

New laptop is impressive, but it does have competitors.

The laptop is equipped with Intel Core i 7 8 and 9 generation. The number of cores it is no less – 8 pieces. Productivity increased more than twice compared to the 4-core versions. A set of powerful cores, high-speed SSD and high-quality Retina display makes this laptop a powerful working tool.

Traditionally the laptops from Apple are a great work option to compile the code, the work of a 3D designer, graphics processing and music creation. The company claims that the new version users will have even more opportunities and space to work. Developers will get an acceleration in the work Xсode 65%, and the rate functions 3D design, simulation of processes for scientists, processing photos, and music will rise from 50 to 75%.

This acceleration is unprecedented large. Apple has for many years kept on the top of the “food chain” high-performance laptops, as for their characteristics, and price: the minimum version of the buyer in Russia will cost 155 990 rubles, and the maximum is 240 990 rubles. But competitors do not doze and offer their own versions.

For example, the novelty from ASUS – ZenBook Pro 15 comes with an Intel Core i7 ninth generation, the GeForce GTX 1050, internal memory 16GB, and storage with capacity of 1TB. In Russia, this laptop can be found at a price of 80,000 rubles.

Another good analogue, which will overcome any load, a representative from the company Acer – Aspire 7. Intel Core i7 ninth generation, the GeForce GTX 1650 with built-in memory 16GB, solid state drive and 1TB hard drive at 2TB makes this laptop one of the most productive. The price of this laptop is approximately 80 to 100 thousand rubles depending on configuration.

These analogues will be able to master completely the same tasks that laptops from Apple. The main difference will be the compatibility and optimization of some professional software for Apple. On the other hand, competitors can better show themselves in the vast gaming and entertainment experience.