Who can be involved in the death of the employee Buttolo AP: new details

Кто может быть причастен к смерти работника АП Бухтатого: новые детали

Employee of the presidential Administration Alexander Butty died after the attack by two criminals who wanted to seize his property. One suspect handed. This 25-year-old citizen of Armenia.

On the morning of 14 March in Kiev was found dead of an employee of the presidential Administration Alexander Buttolo. In the Department he was chief consultant of the Main Department of information policy. In addition, in 2016 the official held the position of Secretary of the Council protect the professional activities of journalists and freedom of speech (the Advisory body to the President, designed to monitor the situation in Ukraine with violations of freedom of speech) However, despite the fact that Parliament would, under the terms of the establishment, to meet on a quarterly basis, in 2018, she wasn’t going never.

Media citing the AP report that a man stole a phone and a Bank card, also he was defeated and is bloody nose. The police, for their part, noted that the deceased revealed a fracture of the nasal bones, however, his death was caused by chronic ischemic heart disease. Law enforcement officers will also check the possibility of application in respect of Buttolo clonidine or any other substance.

Involved in the death of the employee of presidential Administration can be two citizens of Armeniawho is 35 years old. They came to Ukraine in December 2018, lived in a hostel near the bus station, never worked, reports TSN.

According to the resource, while when robbed and beaten man died under the fence of the Church, two attackers were already spending his money in the shop. In addition to the products, the suspects spent money on slot machines. To remove cards, they had about 8 thousand hryvnias.

The Prosecutor’s office in Kiev, for its part, noted that the suspect in the robbery of 46-year-old officer is a 25-year-old citizen of Armenia: he was already police investigators have announced a suspect on charges of robbery, committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons in order to seize other people’s property, involving violence dangerous to the life of the person attacked. He also seized physical evidence – the victim’s cell phone. Now prepare the petition the court of election of a suspect measure of restraint in form of detention.

During a pretrial investigation it was established that on March 13 at approximately 23:50, the suspect along with another man, whose identity has set law enforcement and take steps to detain him on the street Baggoutovskaya in??Kiev, being in an alcohol intoxication, saw a strange man. After the attackers decided to make an assault on him, to seize his property.

In the end, they struck his victim at least four blows to the head, causing the man fell to the ground. After that he took possession of his personal belongings, namely, mobile phone and Bank card and fled the scene of the crime.

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14 Mar

Кто может быть причастен к смерти работника АП Бухтатого: новые детали