Who: coronavirus have no mutations, making it more dangerous

ВОЗ: у коронавируса нет мутаций, делающих его опаснее

The world health organization commented on the news about the discovery of a mutation of coronavirus called D614G, which propagates faster than the “classic” virus. Who said that coronavirus is no mutation that would make it more dangerous and stronger.

As reported by RIA Novosti, made a statement at the briefing of the Association of foreign correspondents in the Geneva office of the UN head of technical team of the division of emergency diseases in the who Maria van Kerkhove.

According to representatives of the who, now there are over 50 thousand available combinations of the virus. A mutation D614G first discovered in February.

“So it’s not a new mutation, but it was identified in samples from early chains from Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Wuhan. At the moment our teams are investigating it. About 29% of all of the chains of the virus have this mutation. She was in Europe, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the Americas. While there is no evidence that it leads to amplification of the virus,” said Kerckhove.

A chief scientific officer who Sumia Swaminathan added that the said mutation was identified in the laboratory.

“Viruses mutate. This is to be expected. Recently was identified a special mutation called D614G. It can lead to more rapid replication of the virus. This was revealed in the laboratory. The virus multiplies faster, which can lead to its more rapid spread. But finding something in the lab to determine the effect on the epidemic may take a while,” said the researcher.

She also assured that the scientists who carefully track the mutation.