Who do you barrack for in the second semifinal of the national selection Eurovision 2020: survey

On Saturday, February 15, to determine the names of the finalists of the National selection of Eurovision-2020. Ukrainian artists will compete for the opportunity to represent the country in international competition. On the eve of the show, the 24 LifeStyle journalists decided to find out who to support local music lovers.

In the second semifinal of Eurovision-2020 will come on the scene MOONZOO feat. F. M. F. Sure, FO SHO, Elina Ivashchenko, Alexander Porazinski, GARNA, KHAYAT, David Axelrod, TVORCHI. Each singer will not only present her song, but also a show that will amaze the spectators. Interestingly, in 2020, the competition came many lesser-known bands, so the Ukrainians can only guess what surprises will be celebrated productions.

Traditionally, to evaluate the performances of the star singers will be the experts and the audience. They will determine the names of the candidates to win the national selection of Eurovision-2020. Journalists decided to find out who to support Ukrainians.