Who fails to reduce mortality from cancer, heart disease and lung experts

У ВОЗ не получается снизить смертность от рака, болезней сердца и легких - эксперты

The world health organization failed to implement one of the key objectives of the UN.

The world health organization has faced serious challenges in the effective implementation of the policy to reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease and lung.

According to experts, the world health organization are unable to effectively implement the objectives in the field of sustainable development of the United Nations – in particular, the goal of reducing by one third deaths from non-communicable diseases.

This conclusion experts have made the world no tobacco day on may 31.

“The world health organization will not be able to achieve the objectives to reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease, and lung in the near future. Who blocks a lot of innovative ideas that could be of great importance for reducing the burden of these diseases by 2030,” – said the former Director of the who Department of chronic diseases and health promotion and Professor Emeritus of the University of Auckland (New Zealand) Robert Biglol.

In particular, we are talking about blocking a load of market development of alternative-nicotine products. This position is non-constructive, I’m sure Biglol.

This view is shared by his former colleague at the world health organization’s former Director of research and cooperation who, as at the moment Professor at the National University of Singapore Tikki Pangestu.

“At some point, who seems to have lost a sense of purpose and developed a closed mentality, which forces her to take impossible not to be discussed or counter-productive positions that are not backed by reliable science,” said Professor Tikki Pangestu.

The attorney General of the U.S. state of Iowa Tom Miller, who helped the world health organization on many of the key lawsuits against tobacco companies, also said that “who forgot about his mission and his purposes.”

“It seems that who has forgotten his mission – to save lives and to reduce morbidity in the world. You have to be honest: if there are opportunities, introducing smarter regulation, to reduce the risks to health from major addictions, including Smoking, these opportunities need to use” – said attorney General Tom Miller.

Especially it concerns developing countries.

“India bears a huge burden of cancer, kardiovaskularnih and respiratory diseases – including due to the fact that about 300 million people smoke regular cigarettes and consume local chewing tobacco – gutka. Reduce consumption of these most dangerous tobacco products over the past years has been extremely low,” explained the situation in India, Professor Rajesh Sharan of the North-Eastern Hill University (Shilong, India).

Recall, may 29, 2020, the President of the United States of America Donald trump announced the severance of relations with the world health organization.

“We presented a plan of reform, which they (who) were to hold, and directly worked with them on this issue, but they refused. From this day we suspend our relations with who,” said trump.

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