Who in the future could become President of Ukraine: analyst

Кто в будущем может стать президентом Украины: мнение аналитика

About future presidents of Ukraine, the rating of the party “servant of the people”, the relationship of Vladimir Zelensky, Igor Kolomoisky and the defeat of Petro Poroshenko in the program “Here is how” Alice Yurchenko Denys Bigus said an analyst, who predicted victory Zelensky in 2015, Viktor Bobyrenko.

About the future President

– Now it is not – the niche occupied. It will be someone who will criticize the government, which failed to give the Ukrainians happiness, here and now. If there are people who will say, and I have a recipe for how to make everyone happy here. Then this person will gain points quickly. Yuliya Tymoshenko not believe, because little of what you say. It is necessary that you believe.

– The next President is still hiding it behind the scenes yet. I believe that one of the old, that is, one who is now hanging on the stage, can not become President.

About the ranking “public Servants”

I’m not the one understood from the first series of “public Servants”, that is the technology. “95 quarter” – is a technology that multiplies by zero to Zelensky politicians since the time of Yushchenko. When “95 quarter” began to be shown, they are on zero multiply all. Ridicule is the weapon of the XXI century. Why kill people like Kennedy, you laugh with him, make it nothing and all. Actually they did.

– Rating will plummet, because we have three major expectations is the reduction of tariffs, increase of pensions, salaries and peace with Russia. All three of these expectations will not be forgotten. People want that they were true, because they believed.

– What more to expect now, so the increase of pensions. Now 1650 hryvnia, the minimum, and my neighbor thinks came Volodya and by the fall will be 5000 USD, but it will not. I explain that 11 million payers of social contributions to support 12 million pensioners that their pension was more than the average salary. They say: “Victor, you’re smart, but you don’t know everything, he is a genius, he knows something”. Here is the belief that “he knows something”, will lead to later disappointment.

– The rating will fall, so whatever it was, now he would appoint governors, and somewhere there will be zackary, then appoint the heads of district administrations, and there will be even worse, because it is closer to the people. However, they will be in the picture to hold it, that Poroshenko didn’t make it.

What are the final results of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada?The Central election Committee concluded the official counting of votes – the party leader “the servant of the people” with a score of 43.16%. The second highest number of votes is “the Opposition platform – For life” – she of 13.05%. IN the “Fatherland” received of 8.18% of the votes. “European Solidarity” – 8,10%, “Voice” – 5,82%

Therefore, according to the CEC, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine enter the 254 members of the “public Servants”.

Here still depends on whether the fall rating from the loyalty channels. And suddenly Vladimir Igor V. quarrel. Both “pros” will, for example, to say, “well, where? (Referring to the promises of the President – 24 channel)”, they will accelerate the drop in its rating. If the channels are, say, loyal to the President, the drop in rating would not be so quick. Again, it plays well with social networks at the same time they will try new technologies and therefore to impose new meanings, and to hold rating.

– I would not say that Bogdan is “looking” for Zelensky. Zelensky has long been an independent figure, if he was not the first and it wasn’t intentional, he was just a tool to mess with and multiply by zero, but now he realized he was in this party came in first place, he realized that its greatest resource is its brand. This resource is more than even money.

From the winter of 2019 – beginning with the presidential campaign of Vladimir Zelensky Bogdan became his legal adviser. And when Zelensky won the election on may 21st and officially took office of the President, issued a decree appointing Bogdan head of the presidential Administration, which was later renamed to the Office of the President.

About the relationship with Kolomoisky Zelensky

The interests of society and Zelensky can come together, if he starts to ruthlessly destroy the oligarchs, at least arrests. I’m not Wang, but will be a logical conflict between Zelensky and Kolomoisky. How far he will go I do not know because there is another group of effects such as Pinchuk.

– Igor on stage will not go, but he wants to be a producer and script writer. And suddenly Vladimir Zelensky he wants to be in this theater, not only the protagonist, but also a producer and script writer, so conflict is inevitable.

Now, many script writers, moreover, we are different from large countries, as the script we write, at least for the war, in the Kremlin. Does not depend on us, when it’s over, and Putin. That is, he is one of the authors of the script of history of Ukraine.

– Our allies, too, are the writers good. Now, I think there is a terrible conflict with the team Zelensky. They want to do everything to restart the local authorities, and organize local elections. In most areas, they now would have won, but I think that the allies would say – stop, let the law. And according to the law, it is necessary changes in the Constitution, and then elections, for example, in November and March. And here, what play? The desire to get everything or to keep relations with allies.

I’m not ready to say when will local elections. I think if booster Igor and he insisted on making decisions, he would be “purple”. If the elections are in November, Igor as the main decision maker. Why is November important election? To the new year and enter with a new budget and this will as an argument.

The defeat of Petro Poroshenko

– I was fascinated by Poroshenko, and therefore was not disappointed. Most people are disillusioned because he promised to make Ukrainians happy, and did not.

– We as the people of the shoals are few, but they are there. Our people have the biggest problem – he thinks that someone could come along and make him happy. They believe that the money is somewhere and they just need to properly distribute. Somewhere a bag of money, and Poroshenko was not able to properly distribute to 5,000 hryvnia was pension, and 25 thousand hryvnia salary. Poroshenko could not, but the boy knows.

In the presidential election Poroshenko received 24,45% of the vote. Vladimir Zelensky scored 73,22% and became a President of Ukraine.

– When people understand that Zelensky was also not aware of this magic, they are disappointed in Vladimir Alexandrovich and tell wear new. Anyone have a method how to make everyone happy, but everyone is waiting for. So blown away Poroshenko and waiting for every President.

– Zelensky have a much better situation than Poroshenko. We say that war is not very in the hot phase, the army is, major reforms went – decentralization went great, comes education, medicine, but people will understand, then also stopped. That’s where we have not gone, so is law enforcement and the judicial system. Poroshenko started from scratch, but Zelensky has some square.

– I don’t want Zelensky did not happen. If it does not have a President, it will not work in Ukraine. As a realist, I say that is very good will happen, something could happen, but if it will be cool to carry out personnel policy.

Кто в будущем может стать президентом Украины: мнение аналитика

Кто в будущем может стать президентом Украины: мнение аналитика

Кто в будущем может стать президентом Украины: мнение аналитика

Кто в будущем может стать президентом Украины: мнение аналитика