Who in the spring would be drafted and whether to send to the Donbass?

Кого уже весной призовут в армию и отправят ли на Донбасс?

Ukraine has launched a spring appeal of citizens on military service. According to the decree of the President of Ukraine №22/2019 from 30 January 2019, the call will last until June.

To military service will encourage suitable health for military service men who on the day of departure in military units was 20 years old, and has not attained 27 years of age.

In April-June in the Armed forces and other military formations will be sent 18 thousand 752 people. Of them in the Armed forces will go 9 thousand people, the Public special service of transport 600 people, the State border service – 4 thousand people, the National guard of Ukraine – 5 thousand 152 people.

The shortage of personnel treated the increased call

This is almost 3 thousand more recruits than during the spring call-2018. So, according to the government order of March 21, 2018, the total number of recruits for the spring of 2018 was 15 190 people – that is about the same as during the spring draft in 2017.

This is not the first “amplified” call: this is the second time in a row, after the autumn call-up in 2018, the Ukrainian army needs more recruits. So, in the fall of last year under the Ukrainian flags 960 17 were called men of military age.

In this case, not limited to only new recruits in October 2018, it became known that the army call a thousand reserve officers. In the legal service of the Armed forces of Ukraine, this decision was explained by the fact that officers were not enough for the arsenals, bases, warehouses, training centers and landfills. The APU is needed also for specialists of scarce professions in mechanized and engineering units, not enough signallers and medics.

Thus in Kiev there was a serious problem with a set of recruits. According to the military Commissioner of the Kiev garrison Sergei Klyavlino, who talked about the difficulties of the autumn conscription, as of November 5, 2018 23 424 people did not appear at recruiting stations in Kiev. Thus, the turnout was only 8%.

“As of November 5, 2018, in accordance with the plan, we called in the Armed forces of Ukraine is 39.5%. I would like to note that the turnout of recruits that are expected to arrive at recruiting stations district draft boards, is extremely low. This figure is 8%. That is, the Kyiv citizens to recruiting stations as not addressed and not treated. We searched by using the National police and then delivered to recruiting stations, which is determined by their suitability for military service,” said Claflin.

In Kharkiv, the situation also left much to be desired: the townspeople said the “raids”. So, Kharkiv recruits are wrote online about “catching” at subway stations, and military Commissars were talking about the absence of the 3500 guys in the military.

Meanwhile, the shortage of personnel, which was observed in the fall of 2018 in the Armed forces of Ukraine, was indeed associated with a complete set of personnel, wrote the website of “Today” in a special material “Autumn appeal: what is the problem at the front want to solve by “conscripts”.

“The shortage of personnel is observed today at the forefront, where only 40-50% of there staffing. “Conscripts” – this is one of the mechanisms that is needed. By bundling the rear is released, some part of people you send it to the forefront,” – said the military expert Mikhail Zhirokhov in comments to the website Today.

According to Zhirkova, in fact, the shortage of personnel in APU replaced the “conscripts” is hardly possible in principle.

“This is very bad, but to radically change the situation, first, for example, without a pay rise, almost unreal. And secondly, allowance, especially for contractors not currently on the role. Now begins to play the fact that the army still remains do not end up reformed, in a sense, a “scoop”. That is, contractors who come to service, you want to do combat training, not to paint fences, cut the grass and do those things that used to train soldiers and officers of middle rank and above. The time of nedorabotannost army is very important to set and contract, and the combat value of the army as such,” he said.

But despite this, the autumn call-2018 was made on 98% of the plan – only the APU was called on more than 17 thousand conscripts. This was stated in December 2018, Deputy chief of the General staff of VSU Artur Artemenko.

Pick whether the “conscripts” in the Donbass?

One of the most pressing issues for men of military age: would the “conscripts” in the Donbass? During the autumn call-2018 for military service in the Armed forces conscripts were not sent to the combat zone. This was stated by the head of Department of recruitment and conscription – the Deputy chief of the office of recruitment and manning the Main Directorate of personnel of the armed forces Colonel Valery Dendebera.

“Soldiers of urgent military service of the APU is not attracted for the Operation of joint forces in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, – he said.

But at the same time Dendebera said that a lot of “conscripts” during the time of service are willing to enter into a contract with the Ministry of defence. In particular, since the autumn call-up in 2017, over 2600 “conscripts” were contracted, representing more than 35% of recruits who consciously choose the profession of defender of the Fatherland.

Who is not threatened by the call and that is for evasion

For evasion from an appeal on military service (article 335 of the CCU) is threatened by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years. As the lawyer Yuri Zygmund, in fact, deviators “shines” is a conditional term. The lawyer recalled that at the expiration of the probation the conviction is removed.

Those that ignored the summons, reported to the police station about the change of residence, may pay a fine in the amount of UAH 85-119. For repeated violation – from 170 to 255 hryvnias.

According to the law, employers are required to inform the military about their employees of military age (part 4 of article 34 of the law of Ukraine “On military duty and military service” from 25.03. 1992 No. 2232-XII).

Who is the delay from service:

  • Those who has a disabled mother or father or other relative.
  • Those who have a child up to three years
  • Those who are raising a child alone (without mother)
  • Those who have two or more children
  • Has pregnant wife or wife with a disability
  • Orphans
  • People with temporary health problems
  • For those who have a brother serving at the same time in the army
  • Persons under the age of 21 who receive education in the day form
  • Teachers (for the entire period of work in the specialty)
  • Doctors (for the whole period of work in the specialty)
  • The priests (for the entire period of work in the specialty)
  • Police (for the entire period of work in the specialty)
  • Suspects in criminal cases

Who can get exemption from conscription:

  • Unfit for health
  • Young people 27 years and older