Who is contraindicated to use ginger

Кому противопоказано употреблять имбирь

What use has a ginger, yet know our ancestors. The root of this plant were successfully applied for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, with various intestinal disorders. In its composition there are substances that are beneficial to the whole body.

Often people refrain from eating ginger due to the fact that not always know how to handle it. But for the prevention and treatment of colds better than he, perhaps, did not. Ginger in food can be used in the composition of the first or second dishes, and also as additive in desserts and drinks. There are enough recipes where it is an important ingredient.

It is worth remembering that ginger has a unique taste that not everyone likes. However, in fresh and in dry form it has different shades of finish. So, try, for example, dried product, don’t rush to conclusions if you don’t like it. Try a slice of “natural” or canned root, choose for themselves the most appropriate option.

So you’ve purchased a ginger root. The first thing to do is to allocate it a separate Board and knife. Best suited synthetic Board, because the tree will strongly absorb the odor, which can then move on to other products, carve on this Board. Rinse the root thoroughly and peel the skin. Make the layer as thin as possible, just under it are the valuable components of ginger.

Can add ginger in the first dish, it goes well with meat. That’s just to add it is practically before the moment of readiness. If you decide to put it in cakes, it is better to choose a dried and add it directly to the dough. And the finished dish can be put ginger in the Sahara. The calculation of the proportions of lead from the ratio of 1 g of ginger to 1 kg of weight meals. Get the original sauce with ginger.

There are some caveats when using this product. The fact that ginger is considered a medicinal product. Actively use it only when you are sure that you have no contraindications and individual intolerance.

Also remember that ginger is a spice, it contains essential oil, has a bitter and pungent taste, is a specific feature that may be contraindicated for people with diseases of the stomach and bladder. In addition, ginger is desirable to exclude from menu for pregnant and lactating mothers. To refuse the product and have high blood pressure and people with heart problems, it can be dangerous for them to cause complications.