Who is forbidden to eat garlic: contraindications to the use of the product

Кому запрещено есть чеснок: противопоказания к употреблению продукта

Despite the fact that garlic has powerful antibacterial properties, eating it carefully. And some categories of citizens of garlic brings more harm than good.

In the period of the pandemic in the fashion industry, people turned to the already half-forgotten methods of traditional medicine. And accordingly, began to ease up on the garlic. Vegetable this is definitely useful, but it does have a very significant contraindications, reports today.ua.

Some people, even small doses of garlic are dangerous to a significant deterioration of health status. But even those who are absolutely healthy, you should remember that garlic – Tabasco, respectively, eating it should be like spice, very small portions.

Patients with hypotension garlic is also contraindicated because it further reduces blood pressure.

Diarrhea garlic increases painful condition and leads to inflammation of the inner walls of the intestine.

In inflammatory diseases of the eye garlic promotes degradation and inhibits recovery.

If you have surgery, the time, the garlic should be completely excluded from the diet, because it thins the blood. This can cause bleeding and worsen svorachivanie blood.

People with diseases of the gall bladder, liver and kidneys garlic is absolutely contraindicated because it contains substances that contribute to malfunction of these organs.

Also, do not lean on garlic pregnant women.

Remember that self-medication is dangerous for health. Before the introduction in the menu of certain products or the use of traditional medicine, consult your doctor!