“Who is it?”: people stunned archival photo Guzeeva

"Кто это?": народ ошеломило архивное фото Гузеевой

Fans did not recognize a leading “let’s get married” in the picture of youth.

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Larisa Guzeeva does not cease to pester with questions about the “House-2”. In response she showed her a stock photo and thanked all for the experience. However, not all fans have recognized at a young slender girl in the photo my favorite.

The young TV presenter has published on his page on “Instagram”. In the legend Guzeeva noted that, of course, will not carry the controversial TV show.

“Am I ate soap?” – she wrote.

Fans supported the star of the program “let’s get married” “We knew it!”, “House 2 it’s not yours. Don’t need a reputation to spoil,” “I was sure that this is fake” “God, glory to you! I really can not find a place,” “I knew You were in this swamp will not get You respect yourself”.

Others have compared young Guzeeva with her daughter and found that they are very similar.

“It’s you or the daughter?”, “Your daughter is very very like you”, “

Earlier in mass media there were rumors that Larisa Guzeeva agreed to the scandalous TV project “Dom-2”. But only for very big money. Later and she Guzeeva, and Xenia Borodina has denied these speculations.