Who is Martin Cooper: father of the mobile phone with Ukrainian roots

Кто такой Мартин Купер: отец мобильного телефона с украинскими корнями

Exactly 46 years ago, April 3, 1973, inventor Martin Cooper made the world’s first call from a mobile phone. This day is considered the birthday of mobile. What is known about its inventor, literally changed our lives?

Cooper was never in Ukraine, but today its open spaces – tens of millions of “Goodies” from their famous countryman, steep and more steep, and not very smart, but without them we cannot take a single step. And perceived as something absolutely ordinary. And by the way, what we today call a mobile phone could not be. If not for the unique brains of Martin Cooper, who worked a little differently than others. But we, Ukrainians, it is inherent.

By the way, about his Ukrainian origin Mr. Cooper had always known and had never given up, even did not rule out that it also had influence on him. Moreover, the Ukrainians were the father and mother. They fled in 1917 from Ukraine from war and pogroms in different ways, but met already in exile. Father of Skvira Kiev region, and the mother of Pavlysh – now Kropivnitskogo area. Son little they talked about those difficult times and experiences, and he says he understands them. For example, the mother did not remain anything else how easy it is to jump into a huge puddle on the roadside, just to escape from the bandits, who raced down the street.

Change “phone” philosophy

His parents, Martin was very grateful for the education. Despite that they have experienced the Great depression and the difficult emigrant fate, they did everything to studied his son. But he did not protest – and got a masters degree from the Illinois Institute of technology, becoming an electrical engineer. One of the first projects the future father of mobile phone – TTY, he worked in the company Westеrn Electric. But in 1954, the 26-year-old Martin came to work in a small and little-known company Motorola. Those who took it to work, apparently, later were proud of their actions. After all, who glorified the Motorola? Martin Cooper!

He felt that what he could feel already quite well-known for its inventions by the engineers of a market leader AT&T. Imagine they have reached that carried the phone in the car. And despite the fact that he weighed nearly 15 kg and looked like a fat suitcase, it was a breakthrough! They forced the phone to move. But, as he later told Cooper that there is really mobile phone, you need to look no further. Had to change “phone” philosophy and to bind the phone is not the place, but to a specific person.

It all started with the fact that we understand the importance of personal communication, – says Cooper. – Imagine we have a hundred years of sitting, trapped in their homes, offices, dependent on the telephone wires that are connected to the walls. And now they want to drive us into yet another trap in our cars.

Small, but proud and ambitious Chicago Motorola has bypassed the world of monster AT&T. Cooper recalls how one of the leaders of the Chicago police said, well, it’s good that there’s a radio in the patrol car, but police do not go off at the same time you need to be at the scene and in the car to contact the center. Finally, Chicago police officers were the first who used mobile communications as it is now.

Кто такой Мартин Купер: отец мобильного телефона с украинскими корнями

The first call was made April 3, 1973

Martin Cooper in an interview and said: “Before, you called in a specific place, but now a specific person”.

The birth of mobile

However, he himself first mobile call had to do in a particular place. Because mobile was the only one. And he called all the rules of PR is not just anywhere, but in the Hilton hotel on 6th Avenue in new York, where he had just been at a press conference the head of the research Department at Bell Laboratoies (a division of AT&T) Joel Engel. Yes, it is a competitor and he called. Standing in front of the hotel and holding the device, which weighed 1.15 kg and had a length of 22.5 cm it Happened on 3 April 1973.

Called device Cooper DynaTАС 8000Х. 20 minutes, which was enough charge of this miracle of technology, was enough to force the teeth of Mr. Engel to creak. Martin himself said they don’t remember what it said Joel Engel, learning, where, or rather what, calling Cooper, but “the feeling that the creak of his teeth, it was.” Later, Bell Laboratories was forced to admit that the development of Motorola – a real triumph, and the ability to accommodate everything needed for mobile communication in one-and-a-bit kilos – a real breakthrough.

Кто такой Мартин Купер: отец мобильного телефона с украинскими корнями

The first commercial cell phones cost from 3500 to $ 3995

However, Motorola took ten years and $ 90 million, so the phone fell into the hands of consumers. Rather, ordinary rich people… Because the first commercial cell phone companies cost up to 3500 $ 3995. The experts felt that in today’s money is around 9 thousand dollars. The cost of a decent car. But owning a Motorola DynaTAC 8000Х was a matter of prestige for the representatives of political and business circles. By the way, that’s the kind of outrageous phone talking to Gordon Gekko in the iconic film “wall street”.

Weighed prestige for 800 g, although the memories of the first owners, “shaped like a brick, in one of the sides of which were integrated dial pad, and the top was sticking out of the stationary antenna.”

Martin Cooper says:

“When there, in Manhattan, was going to call the Engel, I thought: “if only it worked!”.

According to him, the device that was holding, was unique, had hundreds of components, assembled by hand and it was difficult to reproduce. So Motorola has spent years to create technology that can be practical to reproduce. And, as you can see, in the end they succeeded.

After 45 years, Motorola has lost to competitors the leadership position in the market in 2011 has experienced a separation into two companies. The number of phones have long been much greater than the number of the world’s population. And I can’t believe one of the British comrades Martin tried to convince him that maybe the Americans will need these phones, but the conservative British, they are useless.

Кто такой Мартин Купер: отец мобильного телефона с украинскими корнями

Evolution of mobile phones

Sam Martin Cooper, of course, became a millionaire: he founded with partners my telephone company and sold it for $ 23 million. He is now “honorary signalman”, as told to us: the Advisor, where the Advisor. 26 December, he will mark his 90th anniversary.

In an interview with Cooper trying to tell us that the invention of wireless communication has radically changed the path of human development that the mobile phone is in eleven times more than a device for communication, and there will be even larger discoveries associated with wireless communication. In short, it is a philosophy.

And look what was predicted by Mr. Cooper 5 years ago. Does it seem that some of the predictions have largely come true?

Martin Cooper about the prospects of mobile phone

  • We have already invested in the phone everything you can to make it a versatile device. And I think that was a bit much. Because a universal device that accommodate everything for everyone, in the end it becomes not very useful. It is an average compromise. I think the setting fit the needs of a specific customer – that’s the future of mobile. Your gadget must have the features needed for, say, your body, and that such functions should be optimized.
  • The best way to talk on a mobile is to put a portable device, for example, in the ear or on the ear, or may be implanted under the skin. Here is the most convenient mobile phone.
  • We need a device somewhere such as Google Glass, but better fit on the surface of the eye. So we get the biggest screen you’ve ever wanted to, so we can see the reality coming through a telephone connection. This is our future.
  • With your phone people will be able early to learn about the health problems. Imagine: we are constantly analyzing the state of health, not once a year at the doctor and constantly and every second. In this case, we find the germs of disease that threaten the cells And kill them before they cause us harm. Person will have on the body of the device, which is able to report, for example, the emergence of cancer cells. As a result, everyone will be able to remove these cells before they begin to threaten health.
  • Using wireless and other technologies we revolutionize the health care system, and key catalysts for change will be wireless. We will make a revolution in the education system… anyway, it is through such devices that people will receive education in the future. They will learn on the road, and a school visit only to learn from teachers learning experience and application of those devices. All this will make people smarter and more educated. In addition, we radically change the very concept of trade. Take, for example, a credit card – why do you need several credit cards unless you can pay using your cell phone?

Author: Eugene The Cat

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