Who is Oleg Lyashko: the biography of presidential candidate

Кто такой Олег Ляшко: биография кандидата в президенты

The MP and leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko – officially registered candidate for President of Ukraine. To the polls Lyashko proposes his own Radical party. 24 channel offers to read a brief biography of the candidate.

Biography Of Oleg Lyashko

Born Oleg Lyashko 3 Dec 1972 in Chernigov.

Education – law faculty of the Kharkov state pedagogical University named after Gregory Skovoroda. Graduated from Kyiv national University of Taras Shevchenko, specialty “International business”.

He started his career in the office of the breeder of the collective farm “Progress” in the Luhansk region.

He worked as a journalist and editor of several Newspapers: “Young guard” (Kyiv), “business news”, the application “Politika” newspaper “Pravda Ukraine”, newspaper “Politika” (closed for divulging state secrets), “Freedom”.

In addition to working in the media early in his career, in 2016, Lyashko was the leading program “the Truth Lyashko” on TV channel NewsONE.

Political career Lyashko began with that tried to pass in Parliament in the 2002 elections, but was defeated.

However, he managed to become an MP in 2006 from the “Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc”. In Parliament he was Chairman of the Subcommittee on the organization of work of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on regulations, Deputy ethics and ensuring activity of the Verkhovna Rada. Was also the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the budget. And Lyashko head of the temporary investigation Commission of Parliament on investigation of possible violations of the law in the field of property, land, financial and other relations with the then mayor of Kharkov Mikhail Dobkin and Kharkiv city Council Secretary Gennady Kernes.

In 2010, Lyashko was expelled from the BYT faction “for cooperating with the majority coalition, in particular, for voting for changes to the Constitution, the law on the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”. Before this broke out known scandal, when in a network there was video of interrogation (in 1993) a man like Lyashko. On shots the person admits to the investigator that they had a homosexual relationship with a senior official named Boris in exchange for help in resolving personal issues.

In 2012, Lyashko again became the people’s Deputy: was the nominee of the Radical party. In this Parliament he was Deputy chair of the Committee of Parliament on Finance and banking.

In 2014 he ran for President of Ukraine, but then the elections were won by Petro Poroshenko. But Lyashko has managed for the third time to become an MP in the elections of that year.

In 2015, after voting for decentralization Lyashko announced withdrawal of his party from the coalition and going into opposition. After the vote, participated in the bloody fight near the Verkhovna Rada, during which suffered 131 law enforcement.

Lyashko several times fell under the court. So, in 1994, he was arrested and condemned to 6 years in prison with confiscation of property for several criminal offenses: theft of state or collective property on a large scale, unauthorized appropriation of power, etc. Lyashko was serving his sentence in Iziaslav correctional colony, but a year later was released under an Amnesty. And in 1998, the conviction was repaid.

In 2001, Lyashko was condemned already because of their journalistic work: he received a suspended sentence. Then the court recognized slander of several materials Lyashko of the late 1990s about the former V. O. Vice-Prime Minister Vasily durdinets.

In 2017, a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings because of possible illicit enrichment Lyashko, however, the case is still not completed.

Lyashko was repeatedly involved in scandals. In addition to scandalous videos (politician called her fake), where similar to the policy of the people tells the investigator about his homosexual relationship with a senior official, Lyashko repeatedly was the participant of fights in the Verkhovna Rada. In 2011, he fought with the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Adam Martynyuk, 2014 – Igor Yeremeyev and Sergey Melnichuk, in 2016 – with Yuri Boyko.

In 2012, 16-year-old Vadim Tereshchenko for the protection of sexual minorities accused Lyashko of rape. In the same year, the politician tried to export to Turkey 2 students Yalta boarding 12 and 14 years. Lyashko prevented from doing so.

During the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine has positioned itself as opposition to the regime’s radical policies. However, in 2013 the host of the program “Shuster Live” Savik Shuster said that Lyashko in the program was repeatedly submitted at the invitation of the Administration of President Yanukovych.

Today, Ukraine is actively cooperating with the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. Back in 2013 he said the businessman “the guarantor of the independence of Ukraine.” In 2016, the reporters found that Lyashko and Akhmetov regularly meet in public. At the same time, Lyashko actively promotes the TV channel “Ukraine”, which belongs to Akhmetov.

The money and property of the candidate Lyashko. In his Declaration for 2017 politician pointed out that owns a house in Kozyn Kyiv region. The total area of the estate – 549 square meters. Lyashko also the Kiev apartment of 95 square meters. Part of the house in Kozin 75 square metres politician rents Alla Savitskaya. And Lyashko is the owner of the office in the capital on 182 square meters.

Wife Lyashko Rosita Sairanen has a garden (suburban) home in Kiev, on 296 square meters and free use of the summer kitchen in Mala Oleksandrivka in the Kyiv region 63 square meters. She has a plot of land in Kiev at 605 square meters.

Relative to the earth, Lyashko owns the land in Kozyn on 6539 square meters and several sites in knyazhichi, Kiev region in Kyiv region on 2100 square meters.

About the cars, the presidential candidate is the owner of Toyota Land Cruiser (2004 release) and rent a car Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (2013 release). Wife Lyashko has auto Mercedes-Benz GLE 250 (2017 release).

In addition, Lyashko has a collection of coins from NBU and foreign coins made of precious metals, precious Vila, 4 expensive watches, expensive treadmill and stationary bike, three sets of furniture. Wife policy has a number of jewelry: 4 pairs of earrings, 3 rings, cross, bracelet, necklace.

Lyashko is also corporate law for JSC “Edition of newspaper “Politika”.

Regarding earnings, for 2017 politician received 259 of 308 thousand hryvnias of a salary for the work in Parliament. In addition, Lyashko received 177 906 thousand UAH per cent of deposits in banks and won 571 thousand 45 hryvnias, betting on sports. From rental property to rent the candidate received 1 million 871 thousand, another 15 million 911 thousand UAH policies received from the sale of real estate.

The politician’s wife Rosita received 559 thousand hryvnias from the sale of movable property and 25 988 thousand UAH of insurance payments.

Bank accounts Lyashko saves 4 million 450 thousand hryvnias and 67 713 thousand 444 dollars. In cash, the politician has 839 thousand, 484 thousand dollars and 70 thousand euros. The wife of presidential candidate maintains cash 209 thousand, $ 15 thousand and 20 thousand euros.

The political program of the candidate for President Oleg Lyashko. The program is called “Plan Lyashko” and promises that in case of victory on elections, Lyashko, every Ukrainian will be “full fridge in which meat is found not only on holidays”.

A politician promises to fight for “work for everyone, decent incomes, not just prices and tariffs”, the eradication of poverty, the state regulation of prices for medicines and foods, affordable housing for young people, restoration of industry, a respect for Ukraine in the world.

Lyashko promises to raise social standards, to reduce the price of gas and utility tariffs to support domestic producers, effectively manage state property and to offer cheap loans, create jobs, and the like.

What are the main dates of the presidential elections 2019?Presidential elections in Ukraine on 31 March 2019. March 8 will be known the final list of presidential candidates. Already on 31 March will be the first round of voting for the future President. The official results of the first round have to report until April 10. If a decision is made on the second round, it will be held on April 21.