Who is Sergey Taruta: what is known about the candidate

Кто такой Сергей Тарута: что известно о кандидате в президенты

Ukrainian billionaire Sergey Taruta moved to the presidential elections, his party “Base”. The CEC registered him as a candidate, and he was one of 44 candidates for the post of head of state. 24 channel offers to read a brief biography of the candidate.

Biography Of Sergei Taruta

Sergei Taruta was born 23 July 1955 in the village of Grape, Donetsk region.

Education received in the Zhdanov metallurgical Institute the mechanical-metallurgical faculty. Specialty Taruta is a mechanical engineer.

Subsequently Taruta studied at the Donetsk state Academy of management, where he mastered the profession of Manager of foreign economic activity.

Family and passion of the candidate

Married, wife Olga. Married with two daughters. About my personal life Taruta rarely speaks out and saves the family from prying eyes.

Serhiy Taruta daughters

However, in 2017, the journalists published the scandalous information that Taruta like is younger than his 25 years mistress.

Taruta is a philanthropist and art collector, he loves the Tripolye culture. Together with another collector, Nikolai Platonov, he created a Museum where he kept the collection of Scythian gold.


The beginning of the career of Sergei Taruta marked by work at the plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol. This place he has devoted 15 years of his life. On “Azovstal” Taruta went from the head of the shop floor to the position of head of foreign economic Department of the whole plant.

In 1995 he created and headed the foreign trade firm “Azovimpeks”. In the same year Taruta held the post of Executive Director of “Industrial Union of Donbass”. It should be noted that this Corporation Taruta has created, together with partners, Rinat Akhmetov and Vitaliy Hayduk.

In 2006, the businessman took the place of the head of Supervisory Board of “Dnieper metallurgical plant”.

In 2015, led by Taruta “Industrial Union of Donbass” lost in the London court the claim about cancellation of the previous decision according to which the organization had to pay the debt on loans in the amount of 57.5 million dollars. The Board was forced to sell the shares, thus leaving only 49%.

Taruta and Akhmetov

Because of the financial crisis, the holding company lost $ 4.8 billion. In addition, the fighting in Eastern Ukraine had a negative impact on the work of other companies of the businessman – Alchevsk coking plant and Dniprovsky metallurgical plant named after Dzerzhinsky.

A chain reaction of difficulties spread to the sports business Taruta. So, he had to cut the budget for the football team “metallurg”, which he developed almost 20 years. The club had to declare bankruptcy and merge with another team – Dneprodzerzhinsk “Steel”.

Despite this, it should be noted that according to the magazine Forbes, Taruta is included in the 500 richest people in the world. Famous the publication assesses the state Taruta 126 million dollars.

The political career of the candidate

Policy Serhiy Taruta came in 1998, when he became the Deputy of Donetsk regional Council. Until 2006 he was re-elected Deputy of the regional level.

Subsequently, from April 2004 to may 2005 Taruta was a member of the Council of entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers.

In a crisis time for the country, in March 2014, Taruta took the place of the head of Donetsk regional state administration. In this position, he spent a short time – only six months until October 2014. Resigned from his post due to conflicts and disagreement with the policy of Kiev against the Donetsk region.

So, Taruta opposed the decision of President Petro Poroshenko to introduce a special status for the Donbass regions. In turn, he insisted that the official Kiev has imposed martial law on the territory where combat operations.

In the early parliamentary elections in 2014, Taruta passed in Parliament as independent candidate. He joined the Committee responsible for the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

The scandals associated with Sergei Taruta

Taruta stated categorically that has no ties with the “Donetsk clan”, although, as has been written earlier, he, along with Rinat Akhmetov was co-founder of the Corporation “Industrial Union of Donbass”. In addition, the return Taruta in politics in 2014 and the appointment of the head of Donetsk regional state administration, journalists attributed to the influence of the same Akhmetov.

In 2005, there have been quite a scandal with the participation of Catherine Yushchenko, brooches on her dress, Taruta and his partner, Museum of Trypillya culture – Nikolai Platonov.

The then first lady to the inauguration of Yushchenko, wearing a brooch from the collection of Taruta – Platonov. The thing was precious to her – about 2 thousand years. Lent the ex-President its Platonov, who actively established relations Taruta with Yushchenko. After a rather large scandal between Platonov and Taruta held a long, private conversation. After which Platonov died of a strange heart attack, although heart problems did not suffer.

Serhiy Taruta in Parliament

In 2017 is quite a scandal with Taruta was held in the channel UA:First. Then, answering the question of party financing “Basis,” Taruta said that is not “in-process” and is only “ideological inspiration” but not its leader. Then in the frame appeared the politician’s press-Secretary Elena Morozova, which has threatened the leading program that Taruta leave the Studio, if he will ask such “incorrect questions”.

Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Leonov believes that Taruta is a more technical candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, who will criticize her opponents, in the first place – Petro Poroshenko.

The status of the presidential candidate

Salary Taruta to 2017 was 211,6 thousand UAH, interest – 2,1 million hryvnias, the income from providing property for lease – 240 thousand, other income – 461,3 thousand hryvnia.

Bank accounts the billionaire was 7,2 thousand hryvnias 878,7 thousands of dollars in cash — $ 4.6 million, 560 thousand euros and 20 thousand English pounds.

His wife Olga Taruta got 36.4 thousand hryvnias of pension and kept 450 thousand dollars in cash.

Of real estate the people’s Deputy declared nonresidential real estate and residential home (in Kiev and in Donetsk), land in Donetsk, office in Kiev, and seven apartments (Kiev, Crimea, Mariupol and Donetsk.

He also declared Lexus 2006 issue as well as the Harley Davidson motorcycle 2013 release.

In addition, the candidate in presidents has declared a considerable quantity of valuable things. As of 2017 from Taruta was 10 vases, pots 14, 27 icons, 7 antique paintings, 4 books, 4 medallion 4 painted bowls, 11 sculptures, figurines 16 and 56 other antique products. In addition, the Declaration contains nearly 200 paintings, three amphorae, three bust, three vases, five hours, four sets, 17 sculptures and other collections.

The program of the presidential candidate

As President Taruta is going to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine by means of “effective diplomacy”. He wants to achieve placement of the UN peacekeeping mission in the occupied areas of Donbass, as well as the launch of activities of international interim administration for the socio-economic development of the region and the reintegration of the residents of Donbass.

The return of the Crimea to the Ukraine by military means the applicant considers unacceptable.

If elected President, at the head of the state Taruta promised that Ukraine in 2030 will enter the top 30 countries for economic growth at 710 – 750 billion dollars. According to the candidate, the growth rate of the economy will be at least 10%, and the average life expectancy in Ukraine will reach more than 75 years.

Also Taruta wants to adopt a new Constitution, it guarantees that the key issues of life in the country will be accepted on a national referendum.

The candidate also promises to fight corruption, boost the average salary to 20 – 25 thousand hryvnias, to create 2 million jobs with decent wages, to reduce tariffs for utilities.

2019 presidential elections: what are the key dates of the electoral campaign?

Presidential elections will be held in Ukraine on 31 March 2019. 8 March 2019 will be known the final list of presidential candidates. Already on 31 March will be the first round of voting for the future President. The official results of the first round have to report until April 10. If a decision is made on the second round, it will be held on April 21.

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Кто такой Сергей Тарута: что известно о кандидате в президенты

Кто такой Сергей Тарута: что известно о кандидате в президенты

Кто такой Сергей Тарута: что известно о кандидате в президенты

Кто такой Сергей Тарута: что известно о кандидате в президенты