Who is Vlad Sedan – the girl who conquered the heart of Alexander Zinchenko

Кто такая Влада Седан – девушка, покорившая сердце Александра Зинченко

Ukrainian footballer Oleksandr Zinchenko made a proposal to his girlfriend Vlade Sedan. All there is to know about their relationship, and who is this Vlad Sedan at Спорт24.

Vlad Sedan – from cheerleaders to brides Zinchenko

Sedan Vlad (or Vlad Shcheglov – the real name of the girl) became known in Ukraine in 2016. Then the national team of Ukraine won the right to play in the European Championship in France. It is on the stands of French stadiums and noticed a beautiful blonde in the form of the national team of Ukraine flag.

Кто такая Влада Седан – девушка, покорившая сердце Александра Зинченко

Noticed not just fans, but journalists and players. So soon Vlad Sedan started work on the channel “Football 1/2”. She is one of corespondents that runs on the matches of the national team when he takes the post-match comments from players and coaches.

In parallel, she started Dating a football player who belonged to Shakhtar Donetsk – Andriy Boryachuk. The player then played for “Mariupol”. They were familiar with Zinchenko (started career together at the Donetsk club). So often rested along the big companies. In 2018 Zinchenko vlozil stories in Instagram from Turkey, where he had been on holiday together with former teammates at Shakhtar, Nicholas Matvienko, Vyacheslav Tankovskiy, Andriy Boryachuk and Alexander Zubkov. Only then midfielder man city was the only company who came on vacation without the second half. We will remind, then the Sedan was still a girl Boryachuk.

The beginning of a relationship with Zinchenko

The second time started talking about Vlad Sedan in Ukraine 8 June 2019. Then in Lviv, Ukraine defeated Serbia 5:0. The sedan took the post-match comments. One of them is from Zinchenko. And the player could not restrain himself, and passionately kissed a girl live.

Video kiss Zinchenko and Sedan live

Then to hide their relationship became useless, so the pair began openly demonstrate them. They went together on vacation in the United States.

The girl often came to Zinchenko in Manchester, where he performs.

Recognition Zinchenko Sedan

The climax of all this was the recognition that Zinchenko made at the NSC “Olympic”. It happened a day after the Ukrainian national team match against Portugal. Ukrainians won and guaranteed himself qualification to Euro-2020.

Vlad Sedan in Instagram

It is worth noting that Vlad Sedan is actively posting photos in Instagram.